10 Signs Your Crush Is Hiding Feelings For You

As a rule, many women easily express their feelings to their partners, while many men prefer to keep them to themselves for one reason or another. Do you really know how to tell if someone is hiding their feelings for you? Or what are the signs he or she has secret feelings for you?

We can thank the company for this. Sometimes it’s hard to get a glimpse of someone you love or if the person is playing with your heart. This is because it takes the same tactics to please or deceive a person. Knowing the subtle difference between the two can save you from sudden grief, disappointment, and embarrassment. How to tell if someone loves you but hides it from you. 

What are the signs that someone is hiding feelings for you?

Do you think someone is in love with you but you are not sure? 

Here are some signs to find out that someone in the crowd is there to fall for you secretly.

Observe their body language 

If you want to understand if someone is hiding their emotions from you or your crush is into you, look at their body language when they are with you. Those who don’t show their emotions find it difficult to stay relaxed. 

If their gesture doesn’t communicate open, relaxed, and calm around you, this is one sign that someone is hiding their feelings for you. People with relaxed body posture are often vulnerable and honest about their feelings. 

They care about you 

You can ignore it, but when someone constantly cares about you, your friends call you and text you, invite you out and try to listen to you, these little things are signs that someone is hiding their feelings for you.

Eye Contact 

One of the signs that someone is hiding their feelings for you is regular eye contact with you. Do they look you straight in the eye when you talk for a long time? If the answer is yes, this person may be genuinely interested in you while hiding their emotions. 

Eye contact is one of the ways to improve a relationship with someone. It means that I listen to you and respect you. So if you notice someone looking you in the eye, they’re suppressing their feelings for you. 

They dedicate time to you. 

Even though they suppress their feelings for someone, they make themselves available when the time calls for it.  

People with hidden emotions believe that their willpower will make you happy, and they should talk more about their intentions. They are the first to show up at your event, support you and make sure everything goes as smoothly as you want it to.

They feel really bad when they offend you and apologize 

Those who like to hide their feelings for someone are usually ready to ask for forgiveness in a conflict. Note that this is not a sign of weakness, but a way to ensure that he doesn’t ruin his relationship with you. Additionally, they don’t want to see you angry because that can make them sad as well. 


We all get jealous sooner or later in our relationship. From many other signs that someone is hiding their feelings one of them is jealousy. You may then wonder why someone who hasn’t spoken about their intentions becomes jealous when they see you dating other men. Is simple. They want to have you as the person they’re flirting with, but they’re scared to be in a relationship with you. In some other phrase we can say they are a bit confused or shy about their feelings.

They don’t say much 

Another fact you can notice about someone hiding their feelings is that they stay quiet in front of you. Maybe because all they want is that to stay silent and listen to you quietly. When they finally speak, it’s to make sure you’re okay. 

Also, they get nervous around you and forget what they wanted to say because they worry about what they think of you. Even when their typical confidence level is 100, it drops to 5% when they see you.

They are afraid One hidden emotion psychology is the worry of rejection. Sometimes, humans cloak their feelings due to the fact they’re scared that you may now no longer take delivery of their concept if they’re open about their feelings. It is even worse while they’re now no longer certain if you want them or now no longer.

They are always busy  

Another sign to look for is that the person doesn’t talk well and stays busy or away from you. 

By being they try to stop thinking about you and so that they can overcome their feelings. When they are worried about other activities, they have little time to think about their feelings for you.

They know the essential details about you 

One of the signs of a hidden attraction is when they know the minute but vital details about you. Aside from general information about you, people who suppress their feelings make a point of getting to know you. 

You will be surprised to find that they know your favorite place, your restaurant, your football team, and other places of interest. 

They also remember things you casually tell them. 

For example, you might have mentioned your sister’s birthday a week earlier in between conversations and they showed up with a gift for her that day. You don’t expect him to remember it, but he does and even brings a gift.

The person often smiles when you are around 

Even though some people like to hide their feelings, they are generally happy and excited when they see you, which is a sign that someone is hiding their feelings for you. When someone around you smiles a lot it is also a sign to tell that they really enjoy your company.

They love the time they have with you and want more. They don’t talk about it because they are afraid that such moments will fade away. Therefore, they prefer to hide the emotions that are let out.

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10 Signs Your Crush Is Hiding Feelings For You
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