Can A Crush Turn Into Love?

Many are confused between love and a crush, and are also perplexed to know that can a crush turn into love. Some believe that they are in love because of the butterflies in their stomachs every time they see what they like. However, after a few months, they find that the feeling has faded, especially after being with the person regularly. Therefore, they conclude that it was just a crush from the start.

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Can crush, at first sight, turn into love? 

However, is it possible that crush, at first sight, turns into love? If so, how can this happen? 

Usually, love begins with attraction and a crush on someone is essentially being attracted to a person. Therefore, having a crush on someonecan be the first step in knowing if you can love that person. 

Here are some of the ways your crush on someone can develop into love: 

Try to know the person more deeply. 

Do a crush turn into love? You can’t say you love someone if you don’t know them very well and accept them for who they are anyway. Many people get over their feelings after getting to know their crushes better. They discover traits that they find unattractive. Or they quickly realize that there is no spark between them. 

However, after spending more time with a person and seeing more of their interesting personality, one may appreciate them more or be discouraged. If you still find your crush attractive even after seeing more of their temper, there’s a chance your feeling could turn into real love.

Your friendship grows over time. 

A bond of friendship starts with communication and understanding between two people. They are starting to depend on each other for various things.  

In addition, they learn to know each other better and to put up with each other’s faults. Therefore, friendship is a great way to make love grow. If you find the person you love to be a good friend, there’s a good chance you will see them as a potentially good partner as well. So, can crush become love?

Unless you discover something that makes you realize that you are better as friends, your feelings may grow together over time. 

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Find out that you have compatible traits.

Compatibility between partners is necessary for a relationship to work. Both the strengths and weakness should be accepted by each other. In addition, their personalities should not clash, otherwise, the relationship will be chaotic due to quarrels. Irreconcilable differences are among the main reasons a couple breaks up. 

Once you realize that you and the person you love have compatible personalities and attitudes, your brain will tell you to continue loving that person. Eventually, the attraction to the person you love can turn into love, especially if you’re still together. 

You realize that the person loves you too. 

Crushing someone can give a person this addicting giddiness, but finding out that the feeling is mutual is ecstatic. Reinforce your attraction to her crush. They may soon find themselves in an exciting love affair. 

Once you find that your crush loves you, too, expect to be closer to that person. It gets more special when you start exchanging “friendly” messages and stealing looks. Unless something is interrupting your connection, you might find yourself dating soon. 

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Notice that if the person you love helps you to grow as a person. 

The other reason why someone likes anyone is because of their positive impact on the. They motivate you or helps you to get through the struggles of daily life and you think they are your support system. The more their crush motivates them to be better versions of themselves, the longer the feeling will last. 

If your crush has helped you grow and become a better person for a long time, you can’t help but be grateful to the person. This feeling of gratitude will bond you more to your crush. As you continue to see how this person is pushing you in the right direction, your feelings may eventually become more serious.

You feel special and loved when you are together. 

Is the person you love a caring person? Everyone admires the nice people who take care of those around them. The feeling between them can be reciprocal. 

So, how does a crush into love? If the person you love is caring and kind to you, your feeling for that person will continue to grow. The way you are treated will make you feel special unless you realize that the person treats everyone equally. 

Develop mutual trust.

Every person desires that the relationship they have with someone should be based on trust and confidence. They want to be that person they trust so much that they share their innermost thoughts and secrets with them. 

Have you and your loved one talked about personal issues? Do you share your secrets? Deep inside you know that your feelings for the person you love have also moved to a more intimate level. 

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You become closely related. 

Besides trusting each other, constant bonding and other activities can help a person connect with the person they’ve had a crush on. Just as close friends will feel lonely and miss each other when they are apart, a person will even find it difficult to stay away from their crush.

Once you get closer to the person you love, you will be attached to that person. Being close means that you got to know that person better and that you can accept them for who they are. The attachment will make you love and desire that person more than ever. before. of. 

You feel comfortable and happy with the person. 

It’s easy to love someone who makes you happy, right? For this reason, most people naturally fall in love with someone who can make them happy, especially if they can feel comfortable around that person. 

How can you not love the person you love if you can be yourself and be truly happy whenever that person is there? No wonder you feel more attraction to this person now.

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