Craziest Things To Do To Get Attention Of Your Crush

It is pretty normal to plan things for seeking attention of your beloved. But, to do that on your own without reading expert tips may not derive results.

So, do you want to know how to get attention from your crush over text?

You might be interested in finding out craziest things to do to get the attention of your crush. Showing your feelings to the person you love can be overwhelming and scary. If you think you are not comfortable in confessing your feelings in a serious way try some humor.

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Going the comedy route isn’t always the best option, but it’s a great way to take the pressure off and keep things from getting too tense. Plus, if you’re not sure how they’ll react, you can always play like you’re kidding to keep things from getting awkward.

Hit them with a picky flirty line

“Do you have a plaster? I peeled my knees falling for you.” A silly capture line is a great way to give your crush a hint. Plus, if he doesn’t like you, you can still play like you were kidding. This is probably a better option if you are already friends with the person you love, as a pickup line can go wrong if you don’t know the other person very well.

Create a playlist with song titles

Organize your playlist so that the headlines express your message vertically. The idea here isn’t to get the best music possible (although it’s great). Pick songs whose titles match the message you’re trying to get across and share the playlist with your crush.

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Draw a funny picture

If you’re a little shy and creative, a silly illustration is a fun way to go. On the positive side, you won’t have anything to say, which is great if you’re a little shy. You could draw two people with triangular heads and write “We would be sharp together” or draw yourself looking at the person you love with silly googly eyes and a heart above their head.

If you’re in the mood for the effort, a flipbook is a really fun and creative way to admit your feelings. To create one, draw a series of images on a stack of separate pages. When you flip through the pages, it looks like your designs are moving!

You could draw a short 4 panel comic of the two of you doing something good together and making the drawings silly. Try to be direct, draw yourself looking at them and write, “I’m so drawn to you. Do you want to go out someday?”

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Upload a funny photo with a cute caption

Take a picture of yourself doing something ridiculous. Add the caption that is something funny. For making the situation funny, you can dress up in a silly dress, do an awkward dance while pretending to have your date in public.

Take a picture sitting next to an empty chair and say, “I’ve reserved a seat for you, would you like to sit because I like you.”

Draw them next to you and say, “I miss you! Do you want to go out?

Make a presentation with tables and graphs

Nothing says romance like a presentation. Pick your favorite school presentation or business presentation format and create graphics to convince your crush why you’d be good together. This is certainly an external approach, so use it with caution.

Create a bar graph to show how you stack up against your lover’s other potential love interests. For this approach, use cartoon characters and make it colorful. For example, you can create a chart by ranking Shawn Mendes and Jim Halpert at 5/10 and putting yourself at 10/10.

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Create a pie chart that says “100 tables”.

Draw a line graph titled “How Happy I Could Make You If We Dating”.

Do it with memes

Nothing says “I love you” in a funny way than a cute meme. If you always share the latest trending memes, this could be a fun way to admit your feelings.

Create a personalized meme online and specialize it for the person you love. Send the funny meme to them and sound natural that, “I was just scrolling so I found this meme’’. What do you think?” or “I did this for you!” your words can describe many things about your personality. You don’t have to create a custom meme if you don’t want to.

Say it with gifs

If you talk a lot on social media or write a lot, this is a fun way to do it. It is a safe choice if you are unsure whether your crush likes you or not. You can still play like you thought the gif was funny if it doesn’t work. Try search terms such as “I love you” or “Fall in love” and scroll through the options to find the one that works best for you.

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If you’ve never done this kind of two-way gif sharing, confessing a crush probably isn’t the best time to start. You may just be confusing them.

Say it with food

Ask a pizzeria that they are ready to deliver a love note with their cake. If not, have them make a heart with peppers or something. Better yet, grab the pizza yourself to deliver it in person and confess your feelings.

Say something like “Sorry, I know this is trivial” to lean towards the absurdity of the gesture! You can bake something or buy a cake, spell something like, “Go out with me, honey!” or “I’m nice to you” and confess your feelings that way.

Be ironically dramatic

“I adore you! You give me butterflies! Go out with me, my beauty!”

Do it when you’re alone with them, however! Even though the feelings are mutual, you can embarrass them if you do this in front of other people. They may feel bad when someone asks them directly. Also, make sure this approach matches your crush’s humor taste; some people may just be discouraged or confused by the theatricality.

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Say something like, ‘’I love the way you are!” or it feels nice to talk to you I am lucky to meet you. Just try to show affection.

Use some kind of old-fashioned monologue to share the way you feel and express it right in front of them.

Craziest Things To Do To Get Attention Of Your Crush
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