How Do Teachers Know Students Have Crush On Them?

Blow of heart, love, infatuation, and sorrow. They are essential parts of everyone’s life. You can have a crush on anyone, be it your friend, senior, junior, or your TEACHER. Yes, people have a crush on their teachers.

Some signs will clearly show that you have a crush on your teacher

You will attend all of their classes 

Whether you like to attend class or not, you won’t want to risk composing his style even if it is of no use. It is human psychology that whenever we develop a crush on someone, we always want to stay around them. 

Be close to them always and because of this, your 100 percent attendance in their class indicates that you have a major crush on them. If a student has complete attendance in any subject, the main reason behind this is that the student likes the issue too much, or the student may crush their teacher. 

You are going to try to impress them 

You will always try to impress them by being attentive in their class and listening to everything well. The first-ever thing that works in impressing someone is to act according to their desire or do things your crush likes.

If you crush your subject teacher, you may not know much about them, but you can impress them and be in their excellent books to perform well in class. Be attentive and don’t disturb them so you can get all the praise. 

Always ready to help 

Whether it’s a drink of water or helping him with his business, you will always be there for him. 

Your teacher, who is your crush now, can also notify you by helping them. You can help them by sharing their workload like holding books or things, monitoring the class, etc. 

Don’t misbehave towards them 

You will never misbehave towards them or anyone else in front of your teacher. Another way to get notified in front of your crushes is to be kind not only to them but also to the people around you. 

Always pay attention in your classroom 

You will enjoy listening to them and will not stop between their teachings. That is obvious you will feel attracted towards them. Whatever they say or teach you. Your heart will flutter, and listen to each word with full attention. 

This could be an advantage for you as you will take much interest in their subject and get good grades. 

Keep looking at your teacher 

You can’t take your eyes off your teacher. Whatever they will seem like a beautiful song, and you will lose your senses in that thing deeply. 

Will try to be first in class 

Of course, you will give your best in their subjects for a good impression, and you will try to be first in class. The other reason could be that you want to see them first whenever your day starts. 

Your morning will be good and smooth after seeing their glowing face. 

Request additional lessons 

To spend more time with them, you will have stupid doubts and ask them to take additional lessons from you even if necessary. Most students hate taking extra classes just because they want to understand this specific topic they didn’t understand in class. 

To get a chance to spend more time with your subject teacher, who is your crush now, the student will request extra classes to stat near.

You know their time more than ‘them 

You know what time and what class they have to take. Yes, it is true that when we fall for someone, we note everything they do. We constantly check on their schedule so that you can meet them or create a situation to be around them.

Other than this, you also try to know what your crush’s teachers like and what they don’t like. 

Feel sad if they are absent 

whenever your favorite subject teacher you have a crush upon is missing or does not come to the class, you will get sad or worried about why they did not attend the course as you will be desperately waiting for them to reach the next day. 

You will be investigating other teachers and students about the reason they did not come. 

When someone criticizes them

And if someone criticizes them, you surely won’t leave that person at all because you will feel bad. And without any personal reason, you will start hating that person who criticized them. 

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How Do Teachers Know Students Have Crush On Them
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How Do Teachers Know Students Have Crush On Them
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