How Long Does A Crush Last?

In the end, you might be ending up saying how long does a crush last! Here is how long it can go.

According to recent research on the psychology of attraction, crushes can last up to four months. However, to determine how long a crush can last; there are a lot of factors to consider.

How long do you have a crush on someone before its love? Everybody is asking how long a crush on someone can last. Everyone reading this article should know that crushing is absolutely normal and healthy. Additionally, having a crush is also fun, so let’s face it. While it may end in a broken heart, the drama leading up to it is gripping and electrifying.

Woman in Green Top Lying Over A Man
Woman in Green Top Lying Over A Man

Crush and love are always confusing things, whatever the crush lasts for around 4 months and sometimes the crush becomes an everlasting relationship. I can talk about anything other than pure imagination which becomes like a beautiful relationship. it didn’t turn into a real love story. Sometimes you can’t wait to get out of it because it just doesn’t become anything real.

In life today, it’s a normal accident to develop a crush on a kind person who already catches your eye. Well, is there anyone that you can imagine reading this article? If I’m correct, everyone has a crush on someone in their life. After how long of intense emotion does love, at first, sight, turn into love?

How to define a crush?  

Now, love, at first sight, is nothing but acts of imagination or idealization. You can develop intense or we can say strong feelings for anyone without really knowing them.

Till how long can love last in a crush?

How long does a crush on someone last scientifically until you are in love? While there are factors that can determine how long you can quit for someone if the feelings never turn into a connection, then the crush can last indefinitely.

  • Crush -Intense emotions attached to a person without knowing much about them. (Thinking they are perfect)
  • Love -Emotional attachment and bonding developed when you started spending time with the person who already attracts you.
  • LostCrush – Intense emotions that were wasted when you found out that the person is completely different from your imagined ideal partner
  • Dissatisfied Crush – A block of emotions that are held back, when you keep believing it is him, you do not step forward to know the real reality.

Remember that love accepts your imperfections, but the crush feeds on the idealized image you conjure up of the object of your affection.

When a person is in love, they do not avoid or avoid the problems they encounter but solve them together. They care about this person so much that they are ready to keep him company in trouble and luck.

Does your crush know you love them?

So let’s stay on the bright side now. Have you confessed your affections to the person you love? Do they know you love them? Or is it one of those secret crushes who carry the weight of martyrdom? Look, you like them. And hiding it from them will not help you in any way. And who knows, maybe if you approach them the right way, they might even like you!

3 intense phases of falling in love:

When love, at first sight, turns into love

The first step in falling in love is lust/infatuation. It affects both men and women and encourages them to find a suitable partner.

The second phase

It is characterized by attraction. When your crush grows stronger in romantic love, you can be placed in this stage.

The last stage

It is where the individuals in the relationship begin to bond with each other. It is essential to the functioning of a long-term partnership.

Couples unable to move from the attachment phase to the attraction phase run the risk of breaking up and usually find themselves unstable in their daily machinations.

Who is more likely to develop crushes? Men or women?

Although crushes can occur at any age, they are most common in adolescence. You tend to experience embarrassing symptoms like sweaty hands, flushed cheeks, and a fast heartbeat in the presence of your loved one. There is no need to fight over a crush as they are a natural human experience and happen to almost everyone at some point.  

Now on to Men vs Women.

When men fall in love, they either fall in love right away or they don’t fall in love at all. Women, however, take their time to fall in love with a person.

Men prioritize a person’s physical appearance and atmosphere, while women assess whether their potential partner is reliable and responsible. Therefore, we can conclude that men are more likely to develop crushes than women.

How do you know if a crush is more than a crush?

It is possible that you are more interested in him than in him with you and it is not something that happens to everyone. It can happen every day, one of these people might admit their feelings for the other but really, it will only complicate things between them if they decide to take it further.

You need to make sure you show him how much he means to you so that the two of you can have a successful relationship. He will never think of someone else if this happens regularly and may even allow him to start talking about his problems without being ashamed of what has happened in the past.

How you know when you stop crushing on someone?

The best thing you can do in this situation is to focus on letting the two of you talk. If he has a problem with your social class, then there’s not much you can do because he might not want to go into detail on something like that.

You need to show him that his opinions don’t matter when you talk about your relationship because this will allow you both to move on with what is going on right now. He’ll be able to deal with the problem he’s having if you don’t try to convince him otherwise, so make sure you give him enough space without telling him how much better he is.

What does it mean to crush on anyone for a long time?

A crush can happen very quickly, but it may not go away if there isn’t a clear reason why it happened in the first place. This is common for some people because they face their issues but don’t want to talk about them until they are ready to move forward on their terms.

Can a crush last 2 years?

A crush may last two years if you are dealing with deeper feelings than what might be happening now. You need to make sure you show him or her how much he means to you so that you both can have a successful relationship. He will never think of someone else if this happens regularly and may even allow him to start talking about his problems without being ashamed of what has happened in the past.


So what’s the conclusion? The next time you start to feel uncomfortable with someone, don’t worry if it’s a crush or a real thing. Go with the flow and enjoy the rush that comes with being in love.

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