How To Ignore Someone You Love?

When learning how to ignore someone you love, it’s essential to know between flirting and being cruel. You don’t ignore someone you love to make them feel bad about themselves. It is not a game to be played to be cruel.

Ignoring someone you love or who attracts you means keeping a certain distance from them to arouse their interest. Like, you may want to know how to ignore your crush, but this means that you want to keep your distance from your crush and are not willing to talk with him or her.

Being too available can be a turning point for some people. If you check in often and always have time for your spouse, it can make them feel like the hunt is over.

You wait to respond to his messages and maintain your independence when going out, it can make you more attractive to your loved one. Ignoring someone you love is not for everyone. If you think your partner would be good at flirting a little hot and cold, this article is for you.

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ignoring someone you like
She Ignores Me Yet I Love Her

Psychology of Ignoring Someone

When you think you are ignoring someone, your mind is probably going into an unfavorable position. After all, when someone intentionally ignores you, it’s usually because you’ve done something offensive or annoying to them.

This is not always the case. It often happens that the psychology of ignoring someone you love is trying to get their attention, not letting them away. Ignoring the one you are attracted to can be a great way to get someone into a relationship with you.

If you are presently in a relationship, this can give your partner space to reflect and show appreciation for your current relationship.

This article is about using a flirtatious detachment to get the attention of someone you love.

How To Ignore Someone You Love?

When the person you love ignores you on purpose, it can send you into a frenzy of love and affection. That’s the point of neglecting your girlfriend or boyfriend in this case. You make her try harder to gain your affection by not being fully available for your love.

Here are seven simple tips for learning how to ignore someone you love.

Don’t be too anxious

Many enjoy the thrill of starting a new relationship, but once stability is established, they will soon be bored.

When you learn to ignore someone you love, you develop a careful method of keeping things exciting without wreaking on the relationship. One lesson in ignoring someone who attracts you is to be excellent. Please don’t be too impatient to run up to them every time you’re in the same room.

If you meet at a social gathering, take the time to say hello to other friends before getting closer to the person you love. This will make them get excited about talking to you.

Be friendly and funny, but don’t tell them how happy you are to talk to them.

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Stay strong

Ignoring the person, you love isn’t easy, so staying strong and holding on is essential. It’s hard to act like you’re unhappy to be with the person you love but stick to the plan.

When it’s done right, ignoring the object of your affection can lead to a stronger bond and a more exciting relationship.

If you think your plan isn’t working, give yourself a few more days. Your crush may start to come for your flirting tricks.

Don’t respond to messages right away

You are learning to ignore someone you love takes moderation, especially when it comes to calls and texts. If the person you love invites you out or sends you a flirtatious message, you might want to respond immediately, but don’t.

The way to plan success is to make yourself look untouchable somehow. It creates an air of mystery, making your love interest more appealing to your business.

Use restraint and make him wait a few hours before answering. Be pleasant when you do this. Remember, you want them to know that you are interested in them; you don’t want them to think that when they crack, you are running.

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Be Busy, But Not Too Much

Learning to ignore someone you love means finding the right balance between making someone you love feel special and not being for them every hour. This creates an emotional discharge which will ultimately strengthen your connection.

When they ask you what you are doing, tell them you have plans, but don’t forget to give back. Being busy doesn’t mean you can never tell them the time of day.

Plan a week together, have fun, and then wow for a few days. This will make them be on their toes to bring you back to your next date.

Don’t be rude

The psychology of ignoring someone suggests playing with the hot and cold. This means that at the moment, your passions for them are burning like a bonfire, and the next, they are feeling frozen and wondering where all your warmth has gone. You are engaged in one conversation and distant and cold in the next.

The point of ignoring someone is to pique their interest, not to make them feel bad about themselves. Don’t be afraid to throw a line at him.

Be flirtatious, be friendly, show them you care, then back away slightly. This back and forth will catch their interest and keep them on their toes to earn your affection forever.

Show interest but don’t be in need

Some people like a partner who is an open book about their feelings. They like someone who has expressed their needs and wants. Others find it overwhelming, especially at the start of a relationship.

Even when you ignore the person you love, you still want to build a healthy future relationship.

Just be careful. Don’t be too eager when talking to them. You don’t want to sound clingy or overly anxious to be with them.

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Pay attention to your intuition 

Your intuition will play an essential role in the unfolding of your hot and cold game. If you feel that the person you love is not reacting well to being ignored, it could be a sign that you should revamp your flirting technique.

First, try to be more extraordinary than you are. Show your affection for a crush more than you dismiss it. Having that little bit of reassurance can keep him interested in the game. If you think they are about to stop chasing you, take it as a sign that maybe it is not the right plan for you.

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