How To Propose Your Male Crush?

Deciding to get into a relationship isn’t easy and trying to know how to propose your male crush. Two parties must be equally involved and interested. So it’s essential to know when is the right time and the suitable space for both of you before you decide to take the plunge. 

You can choose a special day to raise the issue that will change your life forever. No matter which day you choose, make sure it turns into a day that will be forever remembered with beautiful connotations. 

Great food will do 

Cook your man his favorite food. If you can’t, you can pretend and have their favorite restaurant cook it all up. He will know the truth – he can probably read you like an open book now, but he will still appreciate the effort. 

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, google for a good restaurant near their office or home and have it delivered. These little tricks can do the trick and make him more willing to say yes. 

Send flowers with food and a note with what you have to say. He would like you to think about food as well when planning the proposal. 

But if you want to come up with a foodie guy, then start a storm in the kitchen. Add wine and candles, and you will be impressed with the finish.

Proposing a Guy in a Fun Way 

If you have good humor, and the guy you want to propose has one, then making a funny and happy proposition forever might be a good idea. 

You can make a funny file notebook and give it to him, hide a card in a shoebox, stick a funny message on the headboard, or click on a weird picture, add a few words and share on SM! 

If you want to shock them, jump off the building to land on an inflated bed that says “You will be my life partner” in big letters. Or you can pretend you’re leaving town forever and be quite dramatic about it before saying, “I won’t stay unless you stay with me!” 

So tell us what he thought of your proposal, how he reacted and how it became the most cherished memory. The girl knows how to make a good proposal, right? 

Say it with a love letter. 

Let your heart out on that piece of paper, start where it all started, and end where you and you see it, ten years later. Tell him things that you couldn’t say aloud, things that ink and parchment can explain better. 

A love letter might be the old-fashioned way of proposing, but it’s a great way. Take some patterned or craft paper in hand and write a long letter to tell him how you feel.

Planning a Perfect Date 

The desire for ​​a perfect date is subjective to every couple. Some couples like to be discreet, while others like the imagination. And some want to sit on a park bench and talk. The idea is to feel closer, at ease in the presence of each other, whatever the environment or surrounding place. 

So take him to your favorite place, be it a restaurant or your dingy prison, bend the knee or not, roses in hand, keep eye contact, then tell him! 

Find great date ideas and plan a big date where you could suggest it. Have the musicians play some great music, let the champagne flow, and hide a pair of fabulous twin rings in the dessert. 

Suggest a guy indirectly in chat 

If you are too fragile to suggest directly, you can take the indirect route. When chatting with a boy, indirectly tell him that you love him and assess his reaction. 

If you’re worried about rejection, knowing how to text a guy indirectly can be crucial. If I had to approach my crush indirectly, I would start by suggesting that I love him, that I like him, and that they want to have a future together. 

But, even earlier, I would make sure I was on his radar first and not just watch him intently from a distance when he had no idea he existed. Do cute little things for him now and then. Ask him how his day is going. Laugh at his jokes. Once you know, he knows about you, and then you can start making suggestions. 

If he approaches you directly what you want, then be direct. But an indirect conversation is a good idea when you’re not too sure about the situation or her feelings. If he responds with “What is this?”, You can always tell you were kidding.

Suggest a guy by text 

Texting can be vibrant and original, and it is one of the best ways to suggest a guy in a cute way. Think about the possibilities! You can write a cute poem or add a quote that reflects your changing feelings to make him feel appreciated and wanted. 

For example, you can text him a morning SMS with a proposal for a poem dedicated to him. 

But don’t write him a proposal out of the blue. He may be too surprised even to understand what happened. When you want to propose a guy directly in the chat, start by subtly adding hints about your feelings towards him in your messages. 

Next, work on crafting the most romantic text proposal you can create and press the send button. Remember not to duplicate the text before he has time to respond. Give him time to figure out what to answer.


What’s the best way to nominate a guy? 

You can suggest a guy over the phone, by text, on a date, by letter, on vacation. Or you can be more adventurous and offer it underwater while scuba diving. Or come up with a fun yet shocking proposition that makes your heart beat faster in more ways than one. 

How does a boy propose himself with simple words? 

Be honest and say or write down how you feel. Please describe how you want to be with him and how he makes you happy. It would. 

What if I propose to my boyfriend and he says no? 

That’s a fear that most people have, regardless of their gender. I think you need to be sure about the guy’s feelings towards you before you offer. If you’re wrong even then, and he says no, consider it and move on.

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