How To Speak To Your Crush When You Are Shy?

Want to know “how to speak to your crush when you are shy?” We can easily transform into someone we don’t know completely when we fall in love. It can happen because love makes our stomachs fill with hundreds of butterflies.

We suddenly become very shy and still don’t know what to do. You are as stiff as a robot when it appears in front of you even after preparing so much. So as a solution you have to figure out how to talk to a shy guy when you are shy. After doing all of that, he’ll soon notice that you like him.

Practice greeting people.

The more you practice, the easier and more familiar the presentation process becomes. Develop this skill by complimenting or greeting at least one person per day. Say hello to your classmates and chat with people sitting nearby in the classroom. Then you can try saying hello to the person you are crushing on.

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Take baby steps. Start with a simple “hello”. When you feel more confident, ask people how they are doing. By that time you will have enough courage to talk to your crush.

You don’t have to say “hello”. Just use any greeting you like that you feel is natural without hesitation.

Think about other main things you can have a conversation about.

If you know something about your crush, think of a lot of their interests that you might ask them questions about, or common interests that the two of you could discuss. If you are still nervous and not getting any topic to have a conversation on then you can talk on general things like culture, movies, hobbies, etc. For example, if you crush or the person you love is interested in the hobby of swimming or sports like cricket, football, etc. You can ask them how was there show last night? If you’re in the same class or activity, mention it or play a joke. It can help you develop an internal joke or something to pick up on the next time you speak.

Preparing yourself a bit doesn’t mean you have to write the whole conversation down ahead of time to be present and sincere when talking to the person you love.

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Smile to look and feel confident

Smiling is a powerful way to improve your mood and make yourself more sympathetic and attractive. When you’re feeling nervous about the person you love, give them a confident smile.

That doesn’t mean you have to smile 100% like a Barbie doll. Instead, just for letting him know that you are comfortable in his presence just pass a smile to him.

Also, try to smile with your eyes; it will make your expression more natural.

Open with a compliment

If you’ve never had a conversation with this person before, it can be difficult to find common ground or a reason to strike up a conversation. Another way to show affection is to compliment them.

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If they’re wearing a T-shirt with the logo of a band you love or a place you’ve been to before, you have even more opportunities to chat. Compliments are easy because neither of you is forced into a conversation after the first contact, but you always have the option. Also create your connection.

Decide to study together

If you’re in the same class, studying together can be an easy way to talk to them for longer. Before a quiz or test, casually ask your loved one if they’d like to meet and study for a while.

For example, you might say in a friendly tone, “Hey, how do you feel about tomorrow’s exam? Do you want to review the vocabulary together tonight?

Depending on how well you know your loved one, you may be studying in a public place, such as a library or cafe, or at home.

A way to speak to someone you love is to plan a group study day and invite your crush for it too. This way, your invitation is generic and pressure-free, rather than obvious and unexpected.

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Ask for a small favor

Borrowing a pencil or a sheet of paper is an easy and inexpensive way to initiate communication. This type of interaction creates what is known as the “Ben Franklin effect”: the person you ask for a favor is more likely to like you and develop a connection with you.

Of course, asking someone for favors all the time can get boring, so don’t do it too often. Don’t be so dependent on anyone be independent a bit.

To ask questions

Once you have started a conversation, asking your loved one questions is the easiest way to continue. Questions also show your person that you love them, that you care about them, and that they can give you a bit of relief. If you are feeling very shy, try asking a question and let the other person speak to give you time to calm down.

Some topics you might ask questions about include their interests, hobbies, jobs, weekend plans, or advice on pop culture (like favorite books or movies).

Maintain good eye contact

Being shy can make it difficult to maintain eye contact, but fight the urge to look down. Show the person you love you are interested in what they are saying by making eye contact during the conversation. Intense, constant eye contact can be tantamount to making no one, so a good rule of thumb for eye contact is to keep your eye on the person you love 1/3 of the time when speaking and 2/3 of the time while listening.

Maintaining eye contact is important because it shows the other person that you are listening to what they are saying.

The reason you don’t want to keep eye contact 100% of the time is just because it’s annoying.

Occasionally breaks eye contact by focusing on something else for a few seconds it could also be an object behind his shoulder or even on your lap if you are sitting down.

How To Speak To Your Crush When You Are Shy?
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