How To Stop Over Thinking About Your Crush?

Do you want to know how to stop over thinking about your crush? If yes, read this article till the end. If you wish additional peace of mind in your relationships and cut back feelings of anxiety, insecurity, or jealousy, then this article is precisely what you’re trying for. 

Well, let’s get into the strategies that will help you stop overthinking in a relationship!

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Woman with Her Hands on Her Head Overthinking About Her Crush
Woman with Her Hands on Her Head Overthinking About Her Crush

How To Stop Overthinking About Someone?

If you really want to know how to stop overthinking over a girl or guy, the below are the ways to do it right.

Realize Why You Think Too Much 

Within the place thing you need to do is find the root reason why are you over thinking so much about someone you really love. One of the unique qualities of humans is that we can think and observe our thoughts and feelings. 

Whenever you are stuck overthinking about it ask yourself the following things.  

What emotions am I having right now?

How do these sensations feel in my body (tight stomach, faster breathing, etc)

What thoughts or concerns are causing me to feel this right now? 

The first step is to uncover the fears and the deep thoughts that trigger your habit of overthinking.

Thinking too much is how you’ve learned to cope 

When we feel anxious, our bodies naturally engage in coping mechanisms to lessen the perceived danger.

You’ll be able to use over-thinking as the simplest way to achieve control and ease the anxiety that this unsure scenario brings. Ask yourself the following inquiries to assist you identify fears that over-thinking is presently helping you cope with. What results do you fear will happen? 

  • What results are you trying to achieve? 
  • How Does Over-Thinking Help You Cope?

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Developing trust 

Trust is a fundamental aspect of any relationship. Therefore, whenever you want to grasp how to stop overthinking over a guy, make sure the trust is solid. The problem is, a lot of people who think too much about relationships end up doing it because they don’t trust their partner. 

If your partner features a history of cheating, lying, or manipulating, you will have legitimate reasons for overthinking what’s being said. 

If you think your partner is trustworthy enough and if your partner is direct with you, try to believe what they are saying. 

Take the time to reflect on their character. Am I the kind of person who would do X, Y, or Z?

Too often too many thinkers can find it difficult to trust because they infer their past from the future. But the fact that if something bad has happened yesterday or before and it will not happen again is not sure.

Share with your partner 

How do I stop overthinking about my crush? Confused? Due to lack of communication people often do overthink a lot without realizing it. You must be wondering what they are thinking or planning because you haven’t told them about it. Does your partner also know that you don’t feel safe? Take the time to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner.

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Be clear with yourself about what it is you need in a relationship 

“Am I overthinking about my crush in a relationship” is a question that often arise due to a misunderstanding of your needs. When you start to think too much about something that is going on in your relationship, ask yourself, “What need do I have right now that is not being met?”

This can help you communicate with your partner. Thinking too much is like catching a bad pimple – it happens to everyone. Your mother, your sister, your best friend (of course… you are the first to know!), They are all guilty. So before you begin, find comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your endless “what if…” people and situations, but sometimes you have to let go.

Because here’s the problem: Whether you dated a new person a few months ago, either in that early and painful (but fun) stage of ‘talking’, or years in a committed and long-term relationship, habit of taking down a rabbit can cause a lot of problems for you and your bond.

Over-thinking is rooted in insecurity 

Over-thinking is also mainly due to some reason in the past. There was probably someone you cared about deeply, but the relationship didn’t go as well as you hoped. 

You might not know why the relationship broke down and you might have felt abandoned. You may have experienced deep grief, loneliness, or grief over the loss of this person. 

You may be upset that the relationship ends unexpectedly in a way similar to your experience. This leads to an attempt to reduce the likelihood of this happening through excessive analysis. 

However, when you try to control every element of interaction, your partner can often feel suffocated and claustrophobic. It can end up driving him away, causing the very situation you were hoping to avoid.

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Don’t over analyze all the things that is said by your partner.

Sometimes people don’t communicate well and don’t always say what they think. Just because your partner doesn’t say I love you several times a day or isn’t comfortable with it doesn’t mean your relationship has no meaning. Stop obsessing over certain words or their absence, and if you feel certain things, ask your partner not to obsess over them.

You might be thinking too much about the relationship when you should be worrying about how you feel about the relationship / your partner. Ask yourself how you feel in the context of the relationship. It can provide a better indicator of where you are than trying to analyze everything you have said, done and experienced as a couple.


Trust the foundation and stability of the relationship. Finally, trust yourself. Oftentimes, we think too much in relationships because we are afraid of losing what we have. Our goal is to cherish and protect him, but when we worry and think too much, it essentially stifles the relationship. 

We refuse the relational space to grow and mature. We must trust the foundation and stability of the relationship we have created by giving ourselves, our partner, and our relationships the opportunity to grow. When we trust the foundations of the relationship, we give a space to learn and practice new skills together. 

And at the end of the day, we have to be confident that no matter what is going on in the relationship, we can handle it and make the best decision for ourselves. 

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