How To Wish Merry Christmas To Your Crush?

How do I say Merry Christmas to my crush? Are you confused over this? Snowflakes and Christmas romantics because the season to wear the flashiest sweaters you can find, yell “All I want for Christmas is you” and dress up as an elf for a role play festive is officially upon us. 

Christmas, which is the best time of the year, especially if you have a loved one. You must be thinking to do something special for your crush but are confused. No need to worry now! 

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How to wish Merry Christmas your crush over text?

The best way for how to greet your crush a Merry Christmas is by using your phone and finding surprising Christmas messages for your crush. All you want for Christmas this year is a message from your crush, but sometimes it can need a helpful little push. Looking for how to flirt for the holidays? Below are five-holiday texts and their importance that are sure to spread the word! 

“Gift me yourself this Christmas and I gift you myself ” 

This is the perfect text to send your crush on for a funny response. It requires a response, which then leads to an entire conversation about your favorite gifts. Plus, you have the perfect conversation starter when you come back from the break by asking, “How is this treat treating you?” 

“Lets exchange our wishes” 

Generally, people don’t share their Christmas wishes but sharing them with your crush will be something exciting and sweet. The response from them can reveal how they really feel about you.

This text is fun and cute and is a great way to show the person you love your personality while also asking for a response. Hopefully, they match the bill which will lead to a great fun text exchange. Don’t try to be too cheesy with your crush as they can feel something fishy. Just keep everything simple and natural for you both.

“The most desirable wish asking Santa for you.’’

It takes courage, but if you’re feeling sassy, ​​admit it. this text is definitely a hint and flirty text to show your crush you want them for Christmas. “You must be Rudolph because just thinking about you makes my day brighter!” 

Sometimes cute and mundane go hand in hand. It will surely make his heart grow in three dimensions!

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How to spend your Christmas day with your crush?

Two words: ice skating. 

No, ice skating isn’t the most original winter event, but there’s a reason it’s a classic. It can be done in just about any city across the country, hold hands while trying to keep your balance on the track, then massage your tired ankles while laughing at who took the most epic fall. 

Go sing along. 

It does not matter if you sing well or not but singing for someone always has some magic moment. Spend time picking out your favorite Christmas tunes and getting a workout, then head to the neighborhood to spread the Christmas cheer.

Hit the houses with the fanciest decorations (so you know they’d be ready for a spontaneous concert and wear a mask to avoid spreading disease around your culdesac.

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Do a Christmas carol over karaoke. 

If you don’t wish or feel comfortable singing in front of any strangers then don’t get panic or be confused. Bring the singing home and enjoy a Christmas karaoke night.

You can find instrumental versions of your favorite Christmas classics all over YouTube, so just grab your phone or laptop and start singing along. (Maybe even after a few drunken cocktails.) 

Binge on some Netflix Christmas movies. 

Whether you love Netflix’s Christmas specials or think they’re the definition of anger, you have to admit watching them is pretty compelling. Celebrate the holidays this year by pairing all of your favorite classics with your Christmas bae. (And yes, that includes the movie where Vanessa Hudgens plays multiple characters.)

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Go on a hot chocolate crawl. 

Make yourself comfortable and find local patios with heated seats and enjoy an evening of hot chocolate tasting.

Or organize a cocoa night at home. 

If you don’t want to shell out cash and fight holiday traffic, consider having a cocoa party at home. It’s cheaper, and if you fall into a sugar coma, you can just pass out on the couch. Try out different hot chocolate recipes and remember to have a heavy hand when hitting them all. 

Go on vacation to a Christmas cabin. 

You don’t have to travel around the world on vacation. Whether you’re not yet comfortable on the plane or just don’t feel like spending the money on a ticket with your lover. 

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Volunteering in a soup kitchen. 

It doesn’t matter what is happening around, there are always some people who might need a little extra helping hand. Turn your Christmas date into a night dedicated to caring for others. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or buy meals for the less fortunate.

Or go to your local animal shelter. 

If you still have a few days off or a weekend off this season, consider going to an animal shelter with your partner to volunteer. There are a lot of dogs that need a walk and cats that need cuddles, and who knows? Maybe you will fall in love and leave the shelter with a new companion. 

Organize a gingerbread house decorating contest. 

I mean, is it really Christmas if you don’t bring out your best gingerbread house decorating skills? Make the contest exciting so bring all the ingredients before the day- the winner gets the first dibs by biting into the delicious patterns. 

Do a Christmas card photoshoot. 

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to take your Christmas greeting photos for you (but, like, hello, you absolutely can). What you need: a tripod and a big imagination. Spend your Christmas taking adorable, silly Christmas photos with your partner.

And if you’re creating a masterpiece (which you will, of course) then you’ve got something awesome to send to family and friends or to hide in the back of your drawer forever.

Happy Christmas To The World!

How To Wish Merry Christmas To Your Crush?
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