How To Wish Your Crush A Happy Birthday?

Is your sweetheart’s birthday approaching? Want to do something adorable for him but can’t think of a thing? So, you must be searching that how to wish your crush a happy birthday, but some of the blogs may or may not be answering your question. So, here is how you can wish your crush a birthday with memorable moments and a lot of love.

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How To Wish Your Crush A Happy Birthday? 

A fancy cake 

The best way to say happy birthday to your crush is to offer him one of these fancy cakes that can be personalized according to your instructions. It can be in the shape of a book if he likes to read or a beer if he likes beer. it will amaze him! 

Video to surprise 

Everybody actually can make ideas in mind how to wish your crush a happy birthday, but only some can do it right. This is a pro tip. Make good use of your phone and make a video of you wishing him on his birthday. Add a personal message to warm her heart. To add that extra touch, you can also bring family and friends from all over the world to send a video recording describing a favorite memory or a beautiful birthday wish. Fill the video aura with birthday joy! 

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Candlelight Dinner 

Be your best romantic and take him to dinner by candlelight. It’s a classic way that never goes out of style.

Themed Surprise Party  

Step one: find out his favorite theme, whether it’s Avengers or tuxedo, get exercise.

Step two: call all his friends for a theme party. 

Third step: surprise! You are sure to get brownie points and a big smile from your loved one for putting in so much effort. 

A surprise at 12 years old! 

This might be a cliché, but it’s still a great idea. Plan with his friends how to wish your crush a happy birthday. Decorate his room, grab a cake to drink, and surprise him as soon as the clock strikes 12. Maybe you could have an in-house DJ too! 

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Write him a note 

It would take a little effort and creativity, but if it makes your man feel special, why not? Take all your colors and stationery and let the creative juices flow. Trust us, he would appreciate any effort you put into it and for the very gentle gesture.

Plan a trip 

It might be your first crush and perhaps you are confused as well how to say happy birthday to your crush. Wake him up for his birthday and tell him to get ready because the two of you are about to embark on a crazy impromptu trip! 

Game Tickets 

Just buy him tickets to a live game or a public screening of his favorite sport and he would feel extremely lucky to be with a girl who understands his passion so well! 

Paintball with his friends 

Organize a paintball session where all his friends are invited and go crazy for colors! You will have a lot of fun! 

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A treasure hunt 

Organize a treasure hunt that will ultimately lead to a surprise party! To this game more exciting and memorable you can also put sticky notes on fridge, cupboards, doors if you are a couple. After all, it’s his birthday! 

Take out a key card 

After drinking a few cocktails, take out a key card from your pocket. Make her birthday even more special in your way!

A personalized perfume 

Give it a unique fragrance designed by you to be extra special! Get ready to create a memorable experience for your sweetheart on their birthday and every day as they put on a personalized scent for you. Can you even name the scent and call it something sweet, maybe call it something that means a lot to both of you? You can also customize the perfume bottle as you see fit. 

Surprise in the trunk 

This idea can one of the greatest and enjoyable for you both. And it’s also at the top of our list of romantic surprises for her boyfriend’s birthday. Take her for a long drive with you, stop at a special place (where you first met, etc.) or in the middle of nowhere, your call, get out, open the trunk of the car, and voila! He won’t expect it! Whether you want to give him gifts, cakes, or something else, keep it in the safe and look for the perfect time to surprise him.

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Explore someplace that is new for you both

If your boyfriend has a little fancy to travel and always makes a list of places he would love to visit, then you can plan the perfect vacation with him too! Book these tickets and call a bunch of his friends you and your loved ones have the right place to throw the perfect birthday party! 

Birthday party extension 

Instead of cramming a bag into a day, start the celebration 23 days in advance and continue until 12 days after the special day. 

Give him a birthday week! Invite his closest friends and you will give him the best birthday he has had in a long time! The actual date has to be the most special, but the start will be just as memorable. One of the best birthday boyfriend ideas on our list, you absolutely must check it out!

Pool party 

Host a private pool party at a luxury resort and invite all your closest friends. Swimming pool, dancing, drinks, and friends will make this day unforgettable. Keep a surprise and make sure he doesn’t expect his friends to be around when you go to the pool. 

Best Date Jar 

Could there be something better than bringing it back through all the amazing dates you’ve had together? So grab some colored pens and lots of colored paper and write down all the dates you went to. Put them all in a glass jar, wrap it in ribbon and present it to him! 

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Give him that massage! 

It’s child’s play! Who doesn’t appreciate a good long massage now and then, especially if it’s given by someone you love! Of all the special things you have planned for your man, give him an extra love massage at the end of the whole birthday party!

A memories book 

Yet another on our list of sentimental birthday surprises for him, it’s also super fun to make! All you have to do is take a scrapbook and fill it with photos of all the amazing times you had together. Not only would that bring you back in your memory, but it would also make a nice birthday surprise!

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