How To Wish Your Crush Happy New Year?

New Year’s Eve is only one most special day in the year, yet we hold it in high regard. 

Along with picking something glittery and setting intentions for the next 365 days, this vacation can also really mean that your crush knows what you think about them. 

What you tell them will depend on what stage you are in with that person. But if you want to express your interest, now is a perfect time. 

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Wishing your crush a happy new year over text

‘I’d better see you when the ball drops.’ 

This text explains your point without having to directly say “I like you. Seeing you take the initiative will not only impress them, but will also confirm that you are on the same page line, so neither of you should be nervous about doing so when the time comes. 

“New year and new we?  

It must be boring to keep asking ourselves if we are not or are not. Why not cut it short and force them to give you an answer once and for all?

“What’s your New Year’s resolution?” Mine is to see you more. ‘ 

It’s pretty straightforward, but it’s not too aggressive. They’ll likely find the additional text and tell you that they think the same way. 

From no. 3, it also gets the message across without having to read between the lines and since it’s nothing too outrageous, there’s no reason they couldn’t respond. 

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‘You’re the only thing stopping me from going back to school.’ 

Back to school is the worst time of the holidays, remind your sweetheart that you will have a lot of fun when the going gets tough again. It’s also a fun opportunity to suggest plans to them one of their first days back.

“Thinking to save my new year wish for you” 

This question elicits a response, which prompts them to think about what this very important resolution might be. When they insist you then finally tell them what is in your heart. And then wait while they blush across the phone. 

“Does mistletoe also apply to New Year?” 

Like no. 1, this text is a pretty clear way of saying that you want to kiss the person you love, but without having to write it directly. Taking this playful approach will make your crush laugh and appreciate your creativity. ask why you want to know, and then both of you can extend the playful jokes from there.

How to spend your new year’s night with your crush?

Celebrating Happy New Year as a couple allows you to get excited by remembering all the great times you and your partner had during the year, even though most of them were in your own home. 

But because the New Year is such a meaningful and sentimental holiday to celebrate with your partner, there is often a lot of pressure on couples to plan and execute a memorable celebration.

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Spend the night cooking your favorite meals. 

Cooking together is a sure-fire way to heat things. You will strengthen your communication as you will be relying on each other to end with a spectacular meal. Indulge yourself and cook your favorite meals because you deserve them.  

Sauté the champagne or a glass of good red wine, put on some soft music and bon appétit! If you’re in the mood to test yourself, pretend you’re on Haché and settle for whatever leftovers and random ingredients you have. 

Go on a treasure hunt 

Its idea is for the couple who love suspense and good challenges. Using internal cards and jokes, write a series of linked clues and distribute them around the house or apartment. 

You can also expand the scavenger hunt across your city with a little extra planning. Create a list of clues and strategically place them in memorable places you’ve spent time over the past year. Have your partner follow the list of clues (you can be there with them to help them) until you find yourself in the most memorable place

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Share your resolutions and make resolutions as a couple. 

As important as it is to try to improve yourself in the New Year, it is also important to think about the future in terms of relationships. This idea can be more embarrassing to realize if you are new to a relationship. 

But if you’ve been together for a while and may see each other in the future, jotting down a few New Year’s resolutions together might be a fun idea. 

These resolutions may involve concrete projects like moving apartments or buying a new sofa, or they may be about strengthening your relationship. You want to become a better listener. They want to be more open when it comes to privacy. You get the idea.

Marathon of your favorite vacation movies.  

A new year is always bittersweet. Let’s welcome a new year and say goodbye to the holiday season. For all the couples who love to lounge on the couch and watch their favorite movies, New York is the perfect time for a marathon of your favorite vacation movies because you won’t be able to see them again until next year! 

We’re talking about Elf, Home Alone, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Holiday, Love Really, New Year’s Eve – every warm and touching movie with a holiday twist. Cozy up under a blanket, toss some popcorn in the microwave and enjoy.

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Fight in a table game tournament. 

Sometimes a little friendly (or flirtatious) competition can be a great way to play with your partner.

Gather all the board games you have lying around or collect dust in a closet somewhere and create a tournament schedule for intense matches of Monopoly, Bananagrams, and more, with the necessary snack and drink breaks between matches. Or, if you’ve recently been over-watching Queen’s Gambit and suddenly have the urge to become a chess master, you and your partner can help each other learn to play together. 

 Stay Safe, Have Fun, and Happy Coming New Year!


How To Wish Your Crush Happy New Year?
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