30+ I Hate My Crush Quotes

Love and hate are essential human affections. Having a new crush can be significant. You look forward to seeing her, and you feel excited, even delighted, when you spend time together. Depending on the situation and surroundings, there may also be a possibility that the feelings are mutual.

When your relationship with the person you love is going nowhere, you can feel well, and overwhelmed. And this feeling is far from fantastic. Maybe your crush involves someone unreachable, like a married friend or a teacher. These crushes are pretty standard, but they’re still hard to get over, even if you know from the start that you can’t get involved.

A girl wearing pink top showing hate for her crush
A girl wearing pink top showing hate for her crush

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You may feel even more devastated when your crush is available but doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. In the end, it doesn’t matter why your crush isn’t satisfied: the grief is always the same.

I Hate My Crush Quotes

Here are the best “I Hate My Crush Quotes”.

  • I hate how you constantly smile when I am around. I just hate the way your eyes light up again when they meet mine, and I hate how you walk, talk and act. Do you want to know why? These are the reasons why I cannot let you go.
  • I hate never knowing what to say. I hate chasing after you every day. I hate that I never get to tell you what’s on my mind. I hate that you’re the only love I can find.
  • Hey you, you actually make me act like a fool if you’re around me.
  • When your crush asks you the question, “So, who do you love?” and your heart skips a beat, wondering if you should tell her or not.
  • I hate the way you pronounce my name, I hate your funny smile, I hate when you said you were going to stay awhile, I hate your crazy climbing skills; you’re still up in the trees, I hate it when you promised me you’d never leave me, I hate the way you try to talk, but nothing goes right, I hate it when we went out to my park last night summer I hate how you told me to express a desire, hate the way you lie, hate how much I love you; I thought I was dying, I could say I hate these things and wish they died, but the truth is I love them they make me cry so much.
  • Sometimes when I see my crush, I want to run up to him and slap him, then say, “See how it hurts? The pain I feel when you don’t notice me is ten times stronger, Suite.”
  • I hate being jealous when we’re not even together.
  • My first real crush. It was my first real crush. I told him everything. He always made me smile. I always felt like I had real living butterflies in my place. He was the one who could make me laugh at anything. It was my first real crush. But just when I told her how I felt, that was my first real heartache.
  • Do not wait 30 years to tell someone you have a crush on them. Don’t wait 30 seconds.
  • I hate how my love makes me feign indifference when your name is mentioned. I’m not too fond of the way you make me sweat, and you talk too loud, and I turn red. I hate the way you do your hair, the way I always know where you are, the way I wake up first with your name on my lips. I’ve always hated to know you, but I never really know you. I hate how I always feel like I hate you when I love you. I hate that I can’t be sure you love me too, and then there are those like me who can’t refuse you!
  • No, I’m not bitter, I’m not hateful, and I’m not ruthless. I do not like you.
  • The time you have to recruit people to put another person down to convince someone of your worth is the day you dishonour your children, your parents, and your God. If someone doesn’t see your worth, the problem is them, not people outside your relationship.
  • You can be bitten on the leg by a rattlesnake and ask for help to heal your wound, or you can just simply run after it and let the venom take your leg. The same goes for love.
  • These are not the monsters we should be afraid of; they are people who do not recognize the same monsters in them.
  • Sometimes I can feel my darkness deeply, like a piece of nerves inside me somewhere, igniting my hatred. I imagine it moving through my body, the other cells letting it pass, yielding to its master. It moves on my tongue when it wants me to say beautiful and hurtful words, it moves in my hands when it wants me to feel all it can take away, and it moves towards my eyes to prevent me from really seeing—the destruction I have completed.
  • The hated innocent become odious. Goodness fades when it is continually pressed underfoot.
  • We hate people who honestly tell us what they think of us. We want to be what we are not.
  • There’s no reason to hate anyone because we weren’t born out of hate, but out of love out of hate, but out of ‘love
  • Love lights extra fires than hate extinguisheses.
  • I love, and if a person I love is hurt, I’ll kill the attacker and nobody else. This is love. I hate, and if I hate, I’ll kill their complete family to convey pain to that character. This is hate. In this manner, I do now no longer suppose love and hate are the equal sides of a blade.
  • Love can not stifle, nor can it dictate. Either of these situations will flip a soft feeling into something ugly.


Very often, humans experiencing a major crush recognize that their expectancies are unrealistic. They can also be conscious that they do not have a danger with this crush. Maybe it is incompatibility. Or perhaps the opposite character is taken. One thing’s for sure: it can sense heartbreaking and all-consuming.

30+ Wonderful I Hate My Crush Quotes
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30+ Wonderful I Hate My Crush Quotes
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