Good Questions To Ask Your Crush (With Answers)

Good Questions To Ask Your Crush With Expected Answers

Here are some questions to ask your crush while texting or speaking to him or her face-to-face.

What is the drink you like most? 

Knowing anyone’s favorite beer or cocktail can give you an idea of ​​who they are. If they like a good beer, chances are they are down to earth and honest. On the opposite side, a red wine drinker can be more educated and enjoy the finer things in life. 

If you could have dinner with someone in history, who would it be?  

Those who love science might want to meet Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla, while fashion gurus might dine with Coco Chanel. Their response will help you find future conversation topics that match their passions. 

Do you prefer the beach, the mountains or the countryside? 

This question will give ideas for future vacation spots, but it can say a lot about how the both of you will relax. Some people love to go to the beach and find therapeutic sunbathing, while a mountain getaway can provide plenty of time to reflect and unwind. 

What is the board game you like the most? 

Use the answer to this question to set up a fun board game night with a few drinks. To keep things moving interesting, start with an intellectual game like Scrabble and move on to games like Twister as the night comes.  

In-depth conversation topics to talk to the person you love 

Describe the perfect family 

It’s important to know if your crush wants a large family or wants to avoid having children altogether. This is one part of ​​life that you will need to agree on as a couple, so talk about it soon. 

What is the best sense you have ever had? 

Maybe your crush took an incredible wave while on vacation in Australia or felt elated after receiving a scholarship to a top-notch university. Whatever their answer to this question will give you insightful insight into what they consider essential to their identity.

What would your parents be surprised to know about you? 

This question immediately gives you an idea of ​​the more reserved side of the person you love. Whether he snuck up last weekend or participated in a hobby his parents would disapprove of, sharing secrets is a way to bond and start trusting each other. 

What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid? 

Talking about your favorite TV series when you were younger will bring back fond memories of your childhood. Remembering the heart beating episodes and game series is sure to attach you on a deeper level. 

What will you like to do if you win the lottery? 

We all dream of winning the lotto, and this question will tell you everything there is to know about the top material concerns and desires of the person you love. Family-oriented people may choose to use their earnings to provide for their parents’ retirement, while others will spend it on luxuries or vacations. 

Do you want to own a dog or a cat? 

If you want to own a pet together, then this is a crucial question to ask. People can be highly opinionated about these two animals, and there may be severe allergies to consider. If you like the same animals, you can spice up your communication with photos and videos to make them smile.

Do you believe in soul mates? 

Those who believe in soul mates are usually romantic or spiritual people so that this question can inform you a lot about their thoughts on fate and fate. Asking this question can confirm if your crush is a hopeless romantic or has a more uncertain approach. Relationships and meetings. 

What are the challenges that you have overcome?

Obstacles and the way we deal with them often shape us as people, so knowing their struggles and sharing yours will surely help you bond. Their challenges can also explain how they choose to react to certain situations. 

What is your dream job? 

Knowing your career goals is the key to a successful future together. There is nothing sexier than ambition, so learn about their career aspirations early to see if you’ll be compatible in the long run. Dream job was when they were even younger. 

Random questions to ask your crush

According to you, what is the musical theme of your life? 

This question will give you a good way into the inner workings of their minds. If they choose a sad song, maybe they are fighting demons that you can help them with. On the other hand, those who decide on cheerful tunes are more likely to be happy and positive. 

What do you like to give yourself luxury? 

Everyone needs to have fun from time to time. Find out what they’re spending their hard-earned money on so you know what’s important to them. Whether it’s a great vacation, a luxury spa treatment, or something more material, you can use this information to write future gifts and experiences in pencil.

Do you like to dress up? 

Going to town is always fun, and you can use this question to find out if you are willing to participate in fancy events. If you like to go out, a homemaker who likes to sweat and spend the night at home might not be the best fit. 

What programs do you watch? 

Watching TV programs together is a date idea that never goes out of style. Grab your favorite boxes or start streaming these episodes, order pizza, bake popcorn, and have a great time together. Fun and straightforward conversation starters can be the perfect way to get your crush to open up. 

How often are you on social networks? 

No one wants their partner to be surfing social media for quality time together. If you’re going to rate their social media usage, ask how often they visit their favorite social sites. If it is important to you to appear in social media posts, use this question to ask how often they post. 

What is the most closest to heart gift you have ever given? 

This question can give you a decent estimate of ​​the generosity and financial situation of the person you love. Many people don’t believe expensive gifts are the most workable way, so if they ask for not so expensive gift, it shows that they are both value emotions and are thoughtful.

What can be the worst name you could give to your child? 

You might know someone with an unlucky name, or you can discuss the two terms of your most miniature favorite celebrities to start the conversation. Be creative – the more obnoxious the character, the better. 

Do you prefer tea or coffee? 

People can be very fond of hot drinks, so finding out if they like tea or coffee will put you in a good position. Surprising them with a hot drink when they are having a rough day can quickly change their day. 

What would you like people to stop asking you? 

This simple question can introduce you to things that irritate you, triggers, traumatic events, and relationships in your life. It’s essential to understand what frustrates and annoys the person you potentially want to date. 

Do you like going to the theater, the musical or the theater? 

Going to the theater can be an exciting experience for artists, and finding out what type of art stimulates them will improve your dating options. If you see a musical, take the soundtrack and play it in the car to remember it. 

Tell me a fantastic fact that I might not know. 

Some people like to assert their knowledge, so allow them to ask them their most impressive facts. You might have just learned something new. 

How would you describe your fashion style? 

There is nothing better than being well-dressed. Find out the style of the person you love and make a mental note to give them something special as a gift. An elegant tie or a gorgeous bag that matches their style will be appreciated. 

Fun questions to ask your crush

Here are some fun questions that you can ask your crush.

What is the funniest thing that ever came up to you? 

Fun Facts are a great icebreaker if you’re not comfortable. People who can laugh at their own are always more attractive, and you can refer to that moment if you laugh at them. 

Who is your favorite actor? 

This will give you a taste of their sense of humor. It might even lead to booking a stand-up comedy show or concert in the future! 

What is the first thing you would like to do if you were the opposite sex for a day? 

The answer to this question is always fun and will help break the ice if you’re still nervous about each other. Prepare for unexpected responses to this one. 

What does everyone seem stupid to be doing? 

This is a topic of conversation you both will laugh at for days on end. You can talk about tourists taking photos with their iPads or the uncomfortable “change of pavement” that occurs when two strangers constantly change direction in an attempt to outdo each other! 

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Good Questions To Ask Your Crush (With Answers)
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