Main Signs That He’s Trying To Make You Jealous

Are you craving to know undeniable signs that a guy is jealous of you and likes you? There are many subtle signs that he likes you but may be embarrassed to admit what he feels for you. Is your crush sending you mixed signals? 

Does he show signs that he loves you for a minute, only to be with someone else right after? 

Would you like to know if he likes you and if he’s just trying to make you jealous? 

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Is your crush trying to make you jealous? 

If you have a man in your life who is close to your heart, there are many signs that he likes you; Another problem is trying to make you jealous, especially if it’s your boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. 

If a person who is your boyfriend teases you by showing someone else then you need to re-evaluate your relationship. If your ex does this, you can easily cut ties with him or ignore his behavior. I know it’s not always that easy, but it’s probably due to low self-esteem or something if it’s trying to make you jealous. 

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Main signs that he’s trying to make you jealous

So, here are signs he is jealous but hiding it. Read about them and learn how to react when he tries to make you jealous.

He tells you he’s dating other girls 

Really, why should he tell you that? He tries to show you that he is popular with other women to make you jealous. You don’t have to let it make you feel in any way. 

How you feel about this particular problem is up to you, not hers. You should just ignore these kind of situation.  

Pretending to flirt with others in front of you 

This can be especially annoying, especially if you are stuck in a classroom or on a school bus. He knows what he’s doing by behaving like this in front of you, and unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it since you’re stuck in a small space. If your phone cannot distract you, you can try fantasizing about something other than what’s going on around you. Try talking to someone who has nothing to do with the scene in front of you for a pleasant distraction. 

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Post pictures of him on social media with other girls

This is a kind of fun option here, but if he does he is desperately trying to make you feel a certain way. If you think it is only doing this for your good and you are bothered by it, remove it from your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

He talks constantly about his love life.

He tries to keep attention on himself and someone else in his life to try to make you want more. Do not fall for this trick! It’s a sucker game, and you don’t want to be. Instead, try changing the subject or closing your time with him if he refuses to stop talking about others. Usually, you can check who you are spending time with. 

If he doesn’t shut up about his love life, find someone better yet, someone who hears you talk about different things and who will talk about something other than himself!

Showing off that he is really busy. 

This is a stupid lie, and you shouldn’t be jealous of it. It’s just trying to make you want it by stepping inside your skin. His intentions will be successful only when you let him! Choose not to let him bother you with the lies you know he’s telling you! 

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Touching other girls in front of you 

If you are in a relationship with him, it is unacceptable. He might have been a flirtatious guy before you even had a serious relationship with him, but it’s not something he should put up with as a girlfriend. In this case, you can react in two ways either you can let him enjoy his life or make sure with him that this thing doesn’t repeat.

Bring other girls around 

If you have a friend who does this, she may try to make you jealous in the hopes of getting out of the friend’s zone. If you suspect him, you can decide whether or not to consider dating him. If not, you might want to move on or make it clear that you don’t see him more than a friend. This could put an end to this behavior. 

Flirt with other girls, but they don’t reciprocate 

A guy who tries to prove he’s a Casanova but can’t seem to get other girls to reciprocate is pretty funny! What a laugh! You know this behavior is ridiculous, so you shouldn’t pay attention to it.

Raises his voice when talking to other girls 

These are the tactics that some people play to make them notice you. You can just ignore it, move to a different area if possible, or roll your eyes and distract yourself with something more interesting, like a game on your phone. 

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He exaggerates most of his situation with other girls

A lot of guys go too far in trying to impress girls. They think you will believe what they have to say and the stories they tell. Taking what they say with a grain of salt means you can believe whatever you want; Just be aware that there is a good chance that all the information is fabricated. 

He boasts that another girl loves him. 

Another attempt to point out how important and special this is; you don’t have to fall for it. Just realize this guy wants you to notice him and how tall he thinks he is. He probably really loves you but doesn’t know how to see it in a real way.

He says he’s got a new flame, but you haven’t heard that rumor 

If no one is backing up his inventions and stories, chances are they’re making it up just for your good. He probably loves you and wants you to be a couple with him, but you still don’t dare to invite yourself out. You can take the initiative and ask him if you think he deserves it (after lying), or just ignore him until he can ask you! 

He says he’s always busy dating 

Is that all he’s talking about? He’s probably trying to boost his self-esteem. You can choose to ignore his speech or change the subject to something that interests you. There’s no reason you need to hear him talk about his love life.

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