Negative Impacts Of Dating Your Crush

The negative impacts of dating your crush can be many. Dating, this wonderful feeling deserves all the credit it gets for making people dizzy, blessing them with a new appreciation for life, and leaving them with starry eyes and tender hearts. It is a fact that is true that love turns a person into a slave: when you have a crush, all logic falls apart when it comes to someone. special. 

For example, other adults need to tell you how to behave around the person you love because social skills immediately leave the premises when you are in love. “They come from all directions. It’s like people automatically assume you’re going to act on your crush. 

And hey, why don’t you? It doesn’t make sense to be so in love with a person and at least not to see if something can develop more between you and the person you love, right?

As illogical as it may sound (and despite your friends thinking you’ve lost it completely), there are quite legitimate reasons not to act on your crush that don’t involve fear debilitating rejection

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Your crush is taken. 

Realizing that the person you are pining for is already involved with someone else can put a stop in your developing emotions for them. 

If the desire of your life is attached to another person, it is a legitimate reason not to act according to your feelings. The only exception is if the person you love is in an open relationship, and that’s something the two of you can handle. If so, congratulations, proceed accordingly, and enjoy. 

Because you don’t want to spoil the image.

Suddenly, it looks superficial but hey, so it’s a crush! Why spoil those living ideals of how awesome and perfect this person is by finding out that they’re not up to the task (they rarely do, or maybe we’re just tired). 

Anyway, we won’t judge whether it is better to fantasize than to face reality. Go ahead and keep those warm bonds with your crush confined to your daydreams. 

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You already know that your crush thinks that relationships are not of great importance. 

Your crush is the hottest thing on the planet, but you’ve seen how they behave when they’re in a relationship. Because avoiding someone who is an IRL disaster is high on your romantic priority list, absolutely no one can fault you for delaying the person who gives you a heart-eyed face now but will probably (definitely) leave you behind. heartbroken if you get together. 

Because your crush loves someone else.

It is one of the creepiest hands a heart can have. Yes, we are referring to the unfortunate situation where someone you have a crush on at the same time for someone else. But you should not bother with this situation very much as it will give you nothing but just depression and anxiety.

You don’t want to ruin the friendship.

After thinking long and hard about whether your crush on your friend is worth taking action, you are heading against it. Maybe the bond of friendship you share is more important for you than the one you have just developed so if you the confidence that it will not ruin your present bond its good for you to confess your true feelings to them.

If you can live with the uncertainty of wondering what it could have been, take a break to try and take the relationship to the next level and focus more on the benefits of not crossing that line with a friend, even though you like it. 

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Work together.

While we don’t have strict rules for asking a coworker out, we can’t avoid the fact that going from a crush to a relationship with a coworker requires you to proceed with caution. It things didn’t work out and you thought it is a disaster then situation can be changed. The consequences could include losing your job, being extremely uncomfortable at work, or inadvertently creating office drama that could tarnish your professional reputation. 

Ultimately, the decision to act on your crush is entirely up to you (and those relentless feelings). The heart indeed wants what the heart wants, whatever the circumstances of life. But if the negatives outweigh the positives, you want to avoid hurting yourself or your gut is just telling you not to act, so putting someone in an inactive crush all the time is probably the right thing to do. To do.

You end up being a stalker, almost.

Keep checking their photos, status, and posts on every social media. Most of the time if you notice you do this every day and if you spot any boy or girl you just feel jealous of them. 

You become too aware 

Does it not happen that when the person you love is around you, you become too aware? You try to be cold and pretend you haven’t noticed. But boy do you fail every time? If anything, you end up behaving like a puppy in love with that look that stares me in the face. Remember, you get up an hour earlier each day to find the perfect dress and the matching shoes, to show her how perfect you are!

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You are distracted as a person

He/she would approach you and say, “Hey, I like you, are we going out somewhere?” ” Forget that. You spend hours imagining what a simple “hello” would say. You even begin to imagine what your first date would look like, what you will wear, and where you will meet him. it puts a strain on you, your job, and your relationships.

You want to be where that person is 

You start to go to the places they go, whether it’s at work, at the gym, or the mall. You don’t hesitate to make the effort to travel or take a break from work, just to see this person. Sometimes you also just don’t care about your personal life or even sleeping routine just to see someone.

Negative Impacts Of Dating Your Crush?
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