Reasons Why People Leave Ones They Have Crush On

Being in love can seem like the most amazing thing in the world. Even though you might think that you and your partner are so much in love with each other, that doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship is okay. There are many reasons why people leave ones they love or have crush on. 

This feeling of abandonment can hurt and hurt because you know you have a love close at hand and always let it slip away. 

It can make you question the whole relationship; Would someone who loves you still find a way to let go? Why would a person so willingly turn away from love? Well, the truth is that relationships are only intrinsically difficult.

Leaving someone you love: 

Leaving someone you love means that you end a relationship because you move out or end a relationship because you are unhappy or the good times are caught up by them. Bad or that you have lost confidence in your partner. 

The end of your beautiful relationship:  

Having a romantic relationship with someone takes more than friendship and commitment. It is the relationship that is different from other relationships in your life. It is the relationship that must be based on trust and respect. Love is not so easy. The hard part is staying in love and making a commitment with your partner until the end of your life and then keeping the promise you made to yourself. 

But some people after a few years or months of their relationship decide to end a relationship for many reasons. Because they’ve heard that the person they love doesn’t love you as you love them with loyalty and sincerity, or it’s just like one-sided love. Sometimes people move away from loved ones because they feel lonely after being in a relationship or because you have lost confidence in your partner.

Leaving someone is hard or you are leaving someone you love the most in your life because your relationship isn’t working out or you are leaving your friends or family. Either way, going far is difficult. 

Reasons Why People Leave Ones They Love

They don’t feel respected. 

At the base of any type of relationship is respect which must always be present. People can love each other but they would never let each other be together if they didn’t respect each other. A person’s dignity always comes first and you should be aware of this. 

They don’t feel emotionally supported. 

Much of what constitutes a relationship is the emotional support between two people who love each other. Neither of them wants to feel offended or betrayed. It is not uncommon to go through difficult times, and being vulnerable can be difficult for anyone. 

This is usually because vulnerability means the opportunity to grieve and if a partner doesn’t feel emotionally supported, they are less likely to allow themselves to be vulnerable with the other partner.

They don’t feel adequate. 

Believe it or not, a person always runs the risk of leaving whenever they don’t feel enough for someone. If someone loves their partner, they will want to feel validated by their partner and appreciated.  

Not hearing it, they may eventually feel inadequate and choose to leave the relationship. 

They don’t feel heard. 

It is said that communication is key point in every relationship. However, many of us also take this to mean that we have to talk a lot in the relationship. In a relationship, more than just talking; it is also listening.


Dishonesty develops when you start to hide things from yourself. Deception or other secrets destroy any relationship. They decrease all love and trust in the relationship. In a relationship trust is a major factor that plays the role. If it decreases, there is no possibility of maintaining the relationship in the future. 

No one wants to compromise

The base of every relationship is compromise. This compromise is not always made up of just one part. 

To maintain healthy relationships, it’s important to compromise on both sides. But in situation like these no one compromises. In any relationship, it is believed to be compromised by only one. you stop worrying about the other person’s feelings and want what you want.

Feeling invisible: 

This problem occurs when you take yourself for granted. You don’t care about each other because you gave yourself in the past or you don’t complement each other. You are so busy with your work that you don’t have time to look at yourself.  

In this case, you cannot blame a person. In this case, you need some distance because when you are far from each other you learn the importance of the other. Every relationship needs work. 

Attraction Gone

How did attraction play out in a relationship? The reason is that you don’t have time for each other to go out, or you don’t have time for each other to do special things that you used to do. in a room like roommates. Most of the time, it has nothing to do with physical appearance, but with the things that are not said or undone. Attraction builds up with appreciation or having the right time.


In any relationship compromise matters a lot. All relationships have their ups and downs and a healthy or strong relationship is one in which everyone tries to come to terms with when there is a problem. Having the effort to maintain a relationship one by one, then that relationship ends soon. 

Lack of Communication

At the start of your relationship, you have a lot of things to discuss with each other. Discuss everything and everything with each other. Unfortunately, over time you have nothing more to say and feel like there is nothing left in your healthy relationship. You think your relationship has become useless or has lost the meaning of love. 

Sometimes over time, you get so busy with your daily routine or your job that you don’t have time to communicate or think about your issues. In this way, the relationship is affected and becomes the reason for a relationship that has been built with so much effort. 


The above discussion will let you know why people leave loved ones or end up having healthy relationships. If you are depressed and want to change your mind and forget about sad times then let some things go with flow.

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Reasons Why People Leave Ones They Have Crush On
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