50+ Wonderful Seeing Your Crush Quotes

Finding the correct words to say to a lover is often tricky. Some people need a lot of help to say the right thing at the right time and not screw it up. Choosing the perfect words for your first love is no small feat, which is why a few thoughtful, romantic seeing your crush quotes could go a long way.

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Man and woman holding hands and sighting each other
Man and woman holding hands and sighting each other

Saying the right thing to the person you love is key to ensuring you have a chance with that person. Using a funny phrase shows that you have a sense of humor and that you are confident enough to use it. Use these deep crush quotes to drive your crush crazy and make them think about your day and night.

Seeing Your Crush After A Long Time Quotes

Here are some great quotes about seeing your crush after a long time or the very first time. Also, some are the best sighting crush quotes. 

  • If I can love you in silence without limits, and if I see you well in the darkness, I will not mind loving you even if you will never know how sweet it is.
  • All you can do is just simply smile, and it can make my day better, and that’s how I just remember my reasons for loving you.
  • The only time I observed I fell in love with you was when everything around me reminded me of you, in the minor things and the most unexpected moments, and I can’t tell you.
  • Before meeting you, I had never really believed in love at first sight. I thought Hollywood and little girls created this idea of ​​instant love as a beautiful made-up story. From the moment my eyes connected to yours, I knew love, at first sight, was more than a cinematic illusion. This moment changed my life and everything I had hoped for.
  • There will come a time when you will fall in love with someone you can only love from afar, who you can only wish for the stars above to be yours, and who you can only say “I love you” to. Only when you’re sure, he can’t sense it.
  • You know, one day you look at that person, and you see something more than what you saw the day before—like a switch had been flipped somewhere. The one person who was just a friend is suddenly now the only person you can imagine being with.
  • When you look into my eyes and laugh together, it almost tears me apart not to tell you how much I love you.
  • Do not be so surprised if I start choking and gasping out of the blue. My heart skips a beat, and I miss a breath every time I see you.
  • If I can continue to love you in silence, nothing will change what we have. I don’t mind secretly loving you for the rest of my life.
  • I was writing things for friends. This girl I had liked and fallen for, and she had a subject teacher she did not like at school. I had a real deep crush on her, so I wrote her a little story where she would kill him differently almost every day.
  • I learned that someone couldn’t love you. All you can do is search or hunt them down and hope they panic and give in. Why do they call it a crush? Because that’s how you’ll feel when they don’t feel the same way back.
  • Having a crush is the same as having a rock stuck in your shoe, and you stop walking and shake it, and you’re pretty sure it’s gone, but half an hour later, you smell under your toe, and you’re like, ‘Oh no!’
  • Over the past few hours, I have read and re-read hundreds of love quotes. Every quote I see reminds me of you. Even the computer screen, the kitchen door, and the rug can remind me of you in strange, inexplicable ways. Why is this so? I don’t know? All I know is the whole world reminds me of you.
  • Ironically, I think this will be the most brutal breakup I’ve ever had, and we never even broke up. I’m in love with you, but you’ll never know it.
  • I will be this shadow that will watch over you permanently. I will eliminate any evil that comes your way. As long as I can see you smiling, I wouldn’t ask for more, even if I remain unknown to you.
  • When I’m not with you, I think of you. When I don’t think of you, I dream of you. When I don’t dream of you, I will be dead.
  • To receive a drop of affection from this person, one of the reasons for their happiness, you will do everything to change yourself to be the one you need… Oh, the madness of secret love!
  • A crush can fade in no time. But every time you think or see that person, even after ages, you’ll find those butterflies coming back to your stomach. This is the impact of a crush.
  • Do you actually know the agony of keeping your feelings of love hidden, hoping that one day they will notice it too? If anyone knew my secret love, they would know how much pain I kept inside all these years.
  • Sometimes I give up and cry because I love you secretly. At first, it was light and exciting, but my love for you grew very strong, killing me.
  • I hid it well in my heart. I locked it up and then threw away the key. Now he threatens to explode inside me and fill you with all the love I can give you. My greatest desire is to be loved by you as I have always loved you in silence.
  • The day will come when the man I love in secret will love me as much as I do. I can only hope because I know it’s not even close to happening. In the depths of my soul, you will find an image of you woven into every thread of my love.
50+ Wonderful Seeing Your Crush Quotes
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50+ Wonderful Seeing Your Crush Quotes
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