13 Signs Your Crush Is Cheating On You

Are you craving to know what are the signs your crush is cheating on you?

Do you doubt the loyalty of your boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you suspect I’m hiding something from you? How can you confirm that your suspicions about him are correct? What if it was really dishonest? What should you do about it?

Here is how to know if your crush is cheating on you. Find out if your impression of her or him is correct:

Signs Your Crush May be Cheating
Signs Your Crush May be Cheating

Don’t leave his phone lying around

If even in his house, he never puts the phone on the table or anywhere else whenever you are around, then something is very suspicious. If you’ve been together a long time, he should already be comfortable with you, so he doesn’t need to be too mindful of his business when you’re together. You can try to borrow his phone. If he hesitates, your suspicions may be correct.

He did not share any passwords

Whether or not boyfriends and girlfriends should swap passwords is a moot point. I think partners should respect equally each other’s privacy. It is also a sign of trust. However, I also feel that if you are not hiding anything from your partner, entrusting their passwords to their phone or Facebook account would not be a tricky thing. If your boyfriend/girlfriend can’t give it to you, then maybe he’s hiding something.

You catch him lying to you

Your boyfriend said goodnight to you early because he was so tired he would have slept by now. Then, after five hours or a few minutes, you found him online on Messenger, where he was “active 3 or 2 minutes ago”, but he never chatted with you. The following day he told you that he felt so rested due to his early sleep.

Especially if he has never lied to you before, seeing him lie even about small things now could be a serious sign of a cheater. It’s an indication that he’s doing something he doesn’t want you to know about.

Suddenly too busy to see you always

No matter how busy or the situation, your boyfriend/girlfriend would find a way to see you if he really loves you—seeing someone special could ease your stress. Therefore, if your boyfriend/girlfriend rarely visits you or asks you for more because he/she is so “busy,” – then he/she is no longer in love with you like before or is in love with someone new.

He no longer opens up to you

A healthy relationship is built by trust and openness. You need to feel comfortable and encourage each other. Share your deepest thoughts, dreams, and even secrets with each other due to confidence and the desire for comfort. Now, if your boyfriend no longer shares his feelings or problems with you, then maybe he has already found some other shoulder to lean on.

It is exceptionally sweet or cold

This is a troubling sign because some people are just too affectionate. The best way to know is if you really know your boyfriend. If he’s generally not lovely or loving and one day he bombards you with gifts and the following week with a delicious dinner, maybe there’s something wrong.

You would know he is guilty of something if he changes his behavior towards you. For example, she may become adorable by giving you gifts or saying “I love you” more than necessary to make up for her failures. Or he may have turned cold from the guilt that makes him feel uncomfortable around you.

These actions are probably due to his compensation for his guilt. Most of the moment, the cause of this guilt is deception.

Accuses you of cheating or giving false excuses

This is another defense way. He puts his mistakes on you by accusing you of doing what he does. Become paranoid, thinking that you might as well cheat on him as he is. Plus, it could be his way of finding an excuse for his actions. He wants to find something he can use against you so he can be spared guilt.

He only sees your flaws

They say that when a boy is in love, he can endure even the worst traits of his special someone. When your boyfriend confessed to you he loved you and asked you to say “yes” to him, it meant that he accepted you for who you were, including your flaws. Now, if he suddenly becomes too sensitive to your imperfection, then something is wrong. If it seems like all he sees is your mistakes, then maybe he’s looking for an excuse to break up with you.

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He is not very interested in you

Understandably, over time the height of your relationship diminishes. There’s no longer that fuzzy feeling that pops up in your stomach every time you see each other, or in other words, you’ve already gone through the honeymoon phase.

You have to watch out for the kind of disinterest he shows in you. If you feel like he’s no longer working for the relationship, then maybe it’s time to question his investment and sincerity.

Can easily take you for granted

If he went out of his way to make peace with you whenever you were mad at him, but now he doesn’t care even if you don’t talk to him for days, then you must be wondering why. Maybe he’s not afraid of losing you anymore because he has someone else.

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Gets busy with the phone

If you observe that your boyfriend or girlfriend is spending more time on their phone than ever before, you have to ask yourself why and who they are interacting with. Who keeps it in line even when you’re together? Do you always keep your phone with you? Does he get angry when you try to touch him? If it is unusual for him to be on the phone, something must have happened.

Strangely enough, he goes out with friends more often

If your boyfriend/girlfriend has less time for you these last few days because he always has a date with his friends, the ones you have never met, then you need to check this one out. It’s an excuse to meet someone else.

Being angry with you

Your boyfriend/girlfriend gets impatient and finds every excuse to get angry with you. So, if you have noticed recently that they get mad at you quickly, then this could be it.

Before judging him, however, make sure it’s not his work pressure or your fault.

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