What Are Some Psychological Facts About Crush?

Do you want to know some psychological facts about crush? People always want what they cannot gain, and having a crush on anyone is no different because studies show that people crush people who are not cut out for them or who are total. Inaccessible. Crushes are short-lived and usually don’t last longer than four months, and are nothing more than a craze.

That said, recent studies suggest that having a crush on someone can sometimes lead to a relationship, but the length of that relationship depends entirely on who is involved.

Top Weird Crush Psychology Facts

Here are some crushes facts that are true. Below you will know what psychology says about crushes.


This is one of the mythical crush facts about guys. Having a crush on anyone makes you see that they are perfect! They have no flaws, no ugliness, and there is nothing wrong with them. They are just perfect. The person could be the devil in hell with the worst personality on the planet, and you don’t care! Research shows that when you crush someone, they will seem 20% more attractive to you than they are.

Only lasts four months

This is one of the sad crush facts. Studies show that, on average, the maximum grinding time lasts four months. A crush will end up to four months almost and end abruptly! This is because a crush is an attraction, so it has a concise duration. Over time, your feelings for your crush will start to fade. If not, you might be in love!

Only 1% pass the crush phase

Suppose you still believe that feelings for your crush after four months, you might be in love. Other studies recommend that only 1% of crushes end up in a relationship, so the chances of your crush turning into something useful are only 1%. But who knows, yours might be!

Imagination overcomes reality

Did you know that imagining someone or having an imaginary conversation with him is sweeter than seeing or talking to him in reality? It’s simple when you fantasize about someone you like, there are a lot of light bindings in the background, but in fact, things show themselves more clearly.

Seeing your crush’s name everywhere

After you learn your crush’s name, Psychology says that you start to see it everywhere you go, called the “Baader Meinhof phenomenon.” Just know that this is not loved but crushed, and it will be over soon, so enjoy while it lasts.

Eyes Say It All

Research shows that looking in the eyes of someone you have a crush on will tell you if they love you, too. This is because when someone loves you, watching you will make their pupils dilate. Go ahead and give it a try. Make eye contact for over 10 seconds, and if their pupils dilate, it means they have a crush on you too.

Don’t lie

Having a crush on anyone makes it harder to lie to them. This is because being close to the person you love makes you shaky and nervous. Therefore, you will let things slip out without thinking twice. Being close to your crush will make you act like a loving teenager and tell him the truth about the items in your life if you’re trying to impress him.

Fast Heart Rate

When you have a crush on anyone, and they text or call you, your heart starts beating faster than usual. This is because adrenaline from the brain is released into the bloodstream when attracted to someone. It will make your heartbeat and pump faster when you hear your crush’s voice.

They Miss Him

Psychology says you will miss him, even more, when you pretend you don’t lose your crush. This is because people generally like what they can’t have, and the brain has a complicated way of changing things. Don’t you believe it? Move and give it a chance the next time you have a crush on someone.

Feels Like You’re Lost

If anyone has a crush on you, they will feel lost when you are there. These are easy ways to spot your crush! It happens like you read, and is one of the teenage crush facts.

Look Your Best

If anyone has a crush on you, you can bet with your lucky stars that they’ll always want to look your best when you’re around or if they know you’ll be there! Simple ways to notice it is when she touches her hair looking in your direction or straightens her clothes, brushes her shoulders, and spreads her posture!

 Still in conflict with him

If someone has a crush on you, you will suddenly start to meet them a lot! This is because people who have a crush tend to have a somewhat stalker nature. Your schedule and show up in places where they know you will be there. If you start to see it everywhere you go, there is a good chance that a crush is on the way!


When someone loves you or has a crush on you, they will always smile when you are with you. Now you must know the difference. There are tons of numerous smiles, but if you see the person smiling with their lips and eyes rolled back, the smile of likeness and attraction is happening right there!


Have you ever been in your office and suddenly someone started to speak loudly or in a high-pitched voice? You probably have a crush on yourself! Studies show that if anyone has a crush on you, they will tend to speak loudly or raise their voice when you’re there to get noticed!

How Do I Know Someone Has Crush On Me?

There are clear and straight signs that can help you decide if someone has a crush on you. One of the most common signs is that the person looks at you when you are not looking or paying attention. Another common sign is that they always think of you, and everything you do seems right for you.

If you find that anyone you know behaves differently when you are around you or seem to have a completely different personality, that means they have a crush on you! Another way to spot your crush is to look around and see if someone still wants to be around you, even when you’re just passing the day.

If you see any of the above signs coming from someone you know or work with, know that they like you! Try not to send confusing messages if you are not interested.

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