Things Not To Do Before Your Crush

Know about the things not to do before your crush. Are you at the mercy of this terrible, wonderful, and deep desire? If you are not now, you have been. We have all been. And no matter how confident you have been, how kind (or felt) you have been, mistakes have been made at some point. These are seven things you shouldn’t do when you have a crush on someone

Things Not Do To Before Your Crush

Don’t come too hard 

The last way you want to do is make too much of a fuss. Getting too strong could very well be a turning point for who you are courting (don’t even say you are courting someone). You’ve heard this advice before. Play well. Looking desperate won’t work. You will likely scare the other person. I know it’s hard. You are filled with various emotions and thoughts that you want to achieve. 

Think about where you want to operate and do less. It does not mean acting selflessly. This can also be a relatively common piece of advice, synonymous with ‘play big,’ but I would disagree. There are issues with the idea that acting like you don’t care about someone will attract them to you. This is just a problematic notion in general. You want the person you have a crush on to know that you care about them. It’s a balancing act, of course, as we’re about to see

Don’t Underestimate Him. 

As you try to contain the infatuation you feel so that you don’t let it embarrassingly slip away, you risk tipping too far to the other side. To be too thin? As with all things, the nuance is pleasing, but I don’t need to tell you that subtlety and nuance are not the same. 

Interacting with someone in a nuanced way will make conversations and interactions more enjoyable.  

Being too underestimated can lead to wrong signals, that is, appearing disinterested. As stated before, this is not what you are looking for. Of course, you don’t want to share those early days too much. It is about reading the other and the situation in general. If you underestimate your interactions with the person you love too much, You may miss your only chance. At the end of the day, how far you go or don’t go is up to you and the other person. 

Make no mistake about the signs. 

This is less like the rulebook because you will invariably make this mistake. When you like someone, you may find yourself in a position where you must wonder if the crush in question senses the same way. 

Anyway, the age-old question – “Am I inside of me?”. You’ve avoided getting stuck in limbo. But this is more than one. Mood what else, right? Much of the oscillation between going too fast and underestimating is due to uncertainty.

Questions will arise about how much you need to stake before your crush shows signs of reciprocity if they exist. Don’t get carried away. Use your intuition and read any symptoms that could be happening to you. 

Don’t create a persona. 

This is the major part of things not to do before your crush. When you like someone, you want to look as cool as possible, you can have complete confidence in your personality and fully embrace the maxim “be yourself.” More power for you. Others feel the urge to wear something a person. Let’s be realistic here: personality is a construct. Another common occurrence is overcompensation in the presence of your crush. 

You want to show your best not to sound like a total idiot. So you put yourself on a sort of facade. The problem with going too far with this is that you won’t keep up if you end up with your crush. So am I saying to be yourself? Try your best level to be the right one for the proper context. Hopefully, the rest will follow. 

Don’t be jealous 

Please, for everything you believe in, don’t feel jealous, let alone act jealous. When you have a crush and see him flirting or being flirted, chances are you will feel that way. It is inappropriate to feel this way, but many of us do. We cannot control what we think, but we can control what we believe. Act on those feelings. A good start is to come to terms with these feelings and then try to work through them. 

Don’t be reckless 

If you’re reckless, you actually don’t know about the things not to do before your crush. The strength of your feelings when you have a crush can make you act recklessly. You may feel the urge for immediacy lest you miss your chance. Sure, some opportunities present themselves in various circumstances, but it’s not the end of the world if you miss them. 

Just the end of your world, for a moment. You will get over it. If you act too fast, you risk making mistakes that you could have avoided. Think about what you are doing. While you are in it

Don’t overthink it 

You might get lost in your head, wondering how to best deal with your crush. In terms of behavior, what to talk about, etc. Your brain will likely add a lot of unnecessary things to the list. If you get stuck in your thoughts, planning and analyzing everything, do you know where you’ll end up? Right there, stuck in your head, getting nothing. When you have a crush, you better not make it a complicated and rigid experience.

Tell everyone  

Having a crush is exciting, stimulating, exciting, fun, etc. Once you realize that you have feelings for someone, your ability to keep them between yourself and your journal is quite tricky. At the same time, you might be ready to shout it from the rooftops and tell your best friends, siblings, parents, teachers, peers, pets, neighbors, don’t. Because once you tell these people, they’ll know how you feel about your crush, and that makes everything more real. 

Sometimes you think you are in love with someone and then a few days later you realize that you are not. How embarrassing would it be to tell anyone that you know you really love that person and then have to turn around and admit that those feelings faded faster than that pair of jeans that you washed too many? Times? The moral of this story, don’t tell anyone about your feelings until you’re entirely sure they’re here to stay.

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Things Not To Do Before Your Crush
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