Things To Keep In Mind Before Confessing To Your Crush

What do I say to confess to my crush? It’s the hardest battle for some people who develop crush for the very first time.

If you are seeing crush in your dreams, you may want to confess to your crush. Not all crush confessions end well. Most situations end badly, but not because the woman in question didn’t like the man.

Sometimes it’s the little things that count, like whether he’s in a bad mood or not. Below, we explore the numerous things you need to consider before confessing to your crush.

The place

Placing a confession for a crush is everything. Part of the success of your confession depends on where you choose and what is going on at that time.

No one likes to be embarrassed, but some of the best-planned confessions have resulted in unpleasant embarrassment for both parties.

Public places with lots of people aren’t always the best places to confirm your feelings to the person you love.

The chances of embarrassment here are higher if it ends badly, while the chances of messing everything up halfway are even higher if you are shy.

Private places, or slightly personal, are perfect for the tender and reserved character of a confession for a crush. A secret place can be anywhere, away from the crowds.

The best part about a private place is that its reaction stays between the two of you unless you both decide otherwise.

Also, private places tend to be quieter in general, so you can explain your feelings in more detail before you are interrupted. Whereas in public places there will be a risk of interruption and this situation is so important that you are not in the situation to take any kind of risk.

Who is she with?

A crush’s public confessions tend to look good in movies, but that’s only because they always end so well. People you have a crush on can make embarrassing confessions, especially if you choose to tell them your truth too.

If you think she might be around very critical people, try asking them to step back with you so that you can communicate in private.

Is the girl already in a relationship?

One thing that has permanently ruined people’s chances with gorgeous women is terrible timing. There is no situation in confessing your feelings to a woman who is already in a relationship.

It’s disrespectful unless he shows signs that might indicate the relationship is fading away. Find out if the woman is dating anyone else or if she is still single. The latter is the best to admit.

Does the girl feel the same?

You crash, and your feelings overwhelm you, but is there a chance that she too can be crushed for you? Are there any signs?

Women who have a crush on men tend to drop signals about their feelings.

If she has a crush on you too, your attempt to confess your feelings will surely end well.

But these are minority situations. Most of us have a crush on people who don’t have a crush on us at all. It does not mean you need to give up. Go ahead and try your luck.

What mood is she in?

If there is one thing that significantly influences the decisions of women, it is their mood.

Even when you confess to the person you love, you need to figure out their mood before you start talking. The response will significantly affect the way they react.

When a girl is in a good mood, she is more likely to react positively to your confession, even if she doesn’t like you.

A bad mood mostly always results in a wrong answer, even when she too has realized that she likes you.

So how do you know if he’s in a bad mood? Is simple. Observe her for a moment before speaking to her.

If she seems unhappy or too calm, she may not be in a good mood. If she’s cheerful and carefree, this is the perfect mood. Some girls are complicated so that the opposite could be true. Anyway, don’t confess your feelings to someone who seems unhappy or stressed.

At the exact moment, just because your crush seems to be in a bad mood doesn’t mean that it can’t accept your confession. Sometimes your confession will be the great news that will uplift his mood, so go ahead and open your heart.

The extent of your crush

If you are already thinking about telling your crush, it is a sign that you are ready to express yourself. But you should continually assess your wit and the extent of your crush before trying to discuss these feelings with the object of your affection. If your crush has grown stronger since you first saw it, go ahead and express yourself.

If you’re not sure you love her for the right reasons, you better not confess yet.

Which medium do you use?

Choosing a suitable medium is very important when you first contact the person you love. There are many possibilities, including letters, texts, social media messages, or in person.

Everyone has their pros and cons, so be careful what you choose.

Social media works well if you’re not that close to your crush.

If things don’t work out, it can also be used against you, so choose your words carefully.

Using a letter works well if you feel comfortable sending something home.

Some people, however, think the letters are out of date, and getting one from a stranger can even be a little scary. Talking about your feelings in person is always pleasant, as long as you read the atmosphere well.

On the bright side, when a personal confession goes well, you get instant feedback. When it doesn’t work, it can cause all kinds of embarrassment because you misplayed it.


At first, glance, confessing to your crush can seem like one of the hardest things to do in your life. But if you look at it deeply, it doesn’t have to be.

There are hundreds of ideas on how to admit your crush and express your feelings. We hope the ideas above can give you the confidence to get started.

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Confessing To Your Crush
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