Things To Talk About With Your Crush Flirty And Interesting

When it comes to talking points and topics, it can be difficult to find questions to ask and issues to discuss with the person you love. Obviously, you need to find cute things to say to your crush. Good conversation is the basis of the best relationships and is a skill that will help you in your personal and professional life.

Finding funny things to talk about with your crush flirty can be difficult. Learning to talk to girls is very important, especially if you want to learn how to find a girl. After all, good communication is the key to lasting relationship success. 

Whether you’re on a first date and want fun things to talk about with your crush over text, or you’re in a relationship and prefer to discuss deeply personal matters, there are plenty of interesting conversation topics to consider! 

Some girls might want to ask probing questions to help them understand someone’s level of maturity and emotional intelligence. At the same time, some guys like to have exciting and fun conversations to make their crush think they are funny.

It also depends on the topics to talk about with your crush if you are meeting for the first time if you communicate by text or FaceTime, your comfort level, and your interest in starting a relationship. 

With so many great things to say, starting a text or phone conversation and keeping it interesting shouldn’t be too difficult. To impress you with ideas, we’ve compiled a list of things to discuss with your crush. From deep topics to the fun stuff, explore these questions to ask your crush to find ways to keep the communication going and get to know them. 

Best questions to ask your crush 

Here are good things to talk about with your girlfriend, boyfriend or a newly developed crush.

What do you like best about yourself? 

Knowing how your crush feels is his best trait or attribute will allow you to give him targeted compliments when he’s feeling down. 

Who knows you best? 

Allow your lover to discuss his surroundings. Learning who is important to them helps you deepen their past and personal relationships without being overly intrusive.

What’s your strangest pet? 

Knowing the whims of the person you love is the key to staying by their side. There is nothing worse than squealing your gears without realizing it! If you’re good at flirting, use these annoyances to your advantage. Try it once you get to know them better. 

Do you like to cook? 

Asking these things will always have a positive result. If he’s a great cook, he can help you improve your skills over time. If you’re the most talented cook, invite them over. It might even charm them to go out with you! 

 What is your most considerable interchange? 

Their answer to this question is something you’ll want to avoid if you’re looking to date someone later. If you can figure out what turns them off soon enough, you can stay perfect in their eyes. 

What do you do on Friday night? 

This question will give you an estimate of ​​how you might relax and unwind together. They may want to order take-out and watch a movie or prefer to drink with their coworkers. Their response will show what their future expectations are for the Friday nights to come. 

What did you think when you saw me the first time we met? 

First impressions are essential, and this is your opportunity to see how you meet others at first sight. If you feel confident, you can use this question as follows: What they admire about you now and how their option has changed. 

Do you have any interesting hobbies? 

Questioning about hobbies will give you a good idea of ​​who I am without feeling intrusive. Calm people might want to relax and watch a movie, while adrenaline junkies might want to talk about their last mountain biking session.

What are your favorite animals? 

This question might not tell you much about their personalities, but you can easily dig deeper to find out what qualities these animals adore to strike up a conversation. 

If you could go somewhere in the world, where would you go? 

Many people want to see the world and discuss this number one destination to showcase the foods, cultures, and continents they love. If you’re looking to travel together someday, that might shake things up. 

What is your hometown like? 

Something is unique about talking about a person’s hometown, and this question will give you a good idea of ​​their upbringing, character, and how they came to be who they are today. ‘hui. 

What is your favorite sport? 

Learning about your crush’s favorite sport will teach you about their hobbies and growing life. Not only does this question encourage both of you to watch a game, but using it as an excuse to play sports together encourages physical contact and friendly horseplay. 

Cute things to say to your crush 

Tell me about your family. 

This is one of the best things to talk about with your crush over text. This question may seem personal because it is linked to family dynamics. It may not always be greeted with an open response. If there is a close family connection, knowing more about them will give you information to use in conversations with their teens that will earn you points. 

What do you usually do when you go out with your friends? 

Getting around can be difficult, but it is essential to have a sense of your friendships before starting a relationship with the person you love. Knowing what they’re up to with their friends also allows you to tune into their next outing.

Have you ever had nightmares? 

This question can help you assess their baseline stress and worry level. Nightmares can also appear randomly, so if they seem indifferent to their sufferings, you can discuss your weirdest ones together. 

What would be your dream first date? 

When you want to know the things to talk about with your crush in middle school, this can be the best bet. If you need some ideas for a first date, this question will help you plan your next step. You will need to be patient and ask this question once your crush is comfortable with you; otherwise, you risk scaring them by getting too intense. If they seem interested in continuing a relationship, write down their response and give them a huge surprise with the best first date. 

What kind of TV series do you like to watch? 

TV shows and popular culture are great for starting a conversation. If you watch the same TV shows, you can watch weekly new episodes as they air. 

What type of music do you like to dance to? 

Please open the door to fabulous dance parties by asking for their favorite dance music.

What was your favorite animated cartoon in your childhood? 

Thinking back to cartoons you saw as a child can spark some fantastic conversations. Childhood TV s sticks in your memory, so you can easily tune in to specific episodes or trivia that struck you back then. 

What is your favorite season? 

Whether your crush enjoys beach parties in the summer or prefers ice skating in the winter, figuring out their favorite season allows you to plan the perfect date for the future. There is nothing more romantic than being pampered on a pleasant winter’s night with a hot chocolate.

What is your favorite food/restaurant? 

Dining at their favorite restaurant with fantastic food will put them at ease and encourage them to be open with you in conversation. To make a statement, offer to pay the bill. Try to make them feel comfortable with the situation.

Is there any book that you would suggest? 

A good discussion begins with the best books they have read. If you end up reading their tips, you are sure to have lively conversations and engage in literary analysis of these fantastic stories! 

Where would you like to be able to go? 

Raising the idea of ​​your dream destination will keep you two talking for hours. Don’t hesitate to take it a step further and plan some imaginary trips you’d like to bring together. 

What do you want to accomplish? 

You can make this a more personal or professional question, but their answer will give you a decent idea of ​​their goals and life trajectory. Share this topic to see if your expectations are aligned or different. 

Fun things to talk about with your crush 

Here are some cute things to say to your crush to make her blush.

What could you not live without? 

 It’s always a workable idea to find out more about what matters to your crush so you can compare your compatibility. A person who cares for their family dearly is better suited to a long-term relationship than a person who lives for nights in the city, for example. 

What’s on your wishlist? 

Matching items on the wishlist are a sure sign that you are meant to be, and this question also helps you imagine future vacations you can take together. While more cerebral types may prefer a trip to Shakespeare’s birthplace.

If you could act to be anyone for one day, who would you be? 

Find out what qualities your crush matters by asking them who they would like to impersonate someday. They may want the adoration of a famous influencer with millions of followers, or they may prefer to make significant changes as a prominent political figure. 

What superpowers would you have for a day? 

Talking about superheroes will allow both of you to remember your childhood dreams and fantasies. Although it’s a simple question, their answer might give you some insight into their personality.

Other Things To Talk About With Your Crush Over Text

  1. Fashion 

You can always compliment your crush by appreciating her fashion sense and how beautiful she looks in her outfit. 

  1. Sport

Find out which sport they like and support the same team. Imagine that you have tickets to the game so that you have a reason to invite her out. 

  1. Music

As the saying goes, “Music is how feelings sound.” It’s an easy way to let the person know you love your feelings. Make that connection, create a melody that both of you can sing along to. 

  1. Film

A relaxed topic that can be discussed in complete safety. Try to choose an exciting love stories like “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks this will make the communication more interesting for you both

  1. Interesting TV Shows 

Anything trendy is a good conversation starter. However, make sure you know all the information about that show you are discussing about because a little mistake can make your partner to lose the interest.

  1. Talk About Travel 

Everyone wants to travel. Whether out of town or out of the country, it’s always nice to share thoughts on the places you want to visit and the experiences you would like to have during your stay. 

  1. Hobbies 

A very broad topic, but it gives you an idea of how the person you love spends their free time. Be curious, find a common thread that you can do together. 

  1. Talking about pets

These cute creatures are always the perfect alibi to get close to someone safely. Your crush’s pet might not always be cute it could be an iguana or a spider. However, he shows interest and affection. 

  1. Fun games

It can be an outdoor game, a board game, a mobile phone, a console, or a PC. You can ask him what game he is playing and complete a game together. Play in tandem and aim for victory! 

  1. Social Media Application 

Knowing where to hunt your loved ones will give you, insight into what they do and where they usually go. As well as being able to look at her endless photos, you can go out to any of her favorite places and leave “Oh, you’re there too!” Statement to start a conversation. 

  1. Cooking

Not everyone is good. I ended up grilling a crumbled sausage myself the first time I tried frying it. But if you are good at it, then now is the time to use those bragging rights of favorite dishes and show off your cooking skills by offering a tasting. 

  1. Talk about childhood memories 

Think back to the good old days when you were still a kid and didn’t care if you looked messy or didn’t take a bath. Compliment the way your crush has grown to make your head spin that it is now.

  1. Friends

Talk about your peers, think of someone you and your crush are friends with. Once you can identify that person, let’s say it’s Jack, you can start your approach by saying “Hey, you’re Jack’s friend, aren’t you?” ” And so on. 

  1. Family

Knowing more about your favorite family increases the feeling that you have a real interest in knowing more. Think of it as an investment. These are the people who could vouch for you and help you get the attention of the person you love.

  1. Jobs

This is most effective when you are new to your job. Imagine you are the damsel in distress and need her help to familiarize yourself with your mission. Take his number and tell him that you may need to ask him a few questions. occasionally. 

  1. Talk about milestones

Praise your crush on the milestones they have achieved. It can be as simple as learning how to turn pancakes or building your teleportation machine. Whether big or small, be sure to celebrate these victories.

  1. Club

Find out which club it belongs to and join it. Make her feel that you share a common interest. Don’t be too clingy though. Just give advice when you are at a club meeting. Check it out now and then and sport that breathtaking smile. 

  1. Talk about vacations

Talk about how you will be spending all your free time for your next vacation. Host a meeting and meet your family and friends. Make it an opportunity to get to know each other better.

  1. Your grinding of some jokes 

Practice your delivery skills, you do not want to look lame, right? Imagine that you need a little help, or if the reverse is the case, proactively offer your free time to help. 

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