What Should You Do When Your Crush Wants To Know About Your Crush?

Are you struggling with what should you do when your crush wants to know about your crush? If the person you love asks you if you love them, it helps to consider why they might be asking before responding. Notice their body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions to try to figure out how to react. Ask them for a minute before answering. You might want to have this conversation in a better place.

Once you’ve gotten together and are in a good space, be honest and tell them that you love them. Be transparent but gentle in communicating with them. If they don’t feel the same way, take action to be together and feel good about yourself and the situation. 

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What Should You Do When Your Crush Wants To Know About Your Crush?

Pay attention to the tone of voice. 

Consider why they are asking. If you have an idea of ​​how they are feeling, it will help you have a more productive conversation with them. We communicate primarily through our tone of voice and body language, so try to figure out what’s going on using these signals. 

If he raises his eyebrows, he may feel uncomfortable. It could mean that he doesn’t want you to love yourself. 

If this reflects your body language, then you are probably logging in. Maybe he is hoping you like him or that he feels connected to you and wants you to know that he doesn’t want the same. 

If he looks a lot in the eye, it shows interest. But it could go either way, he might be interested in knowing how you feel because you’re close and he doesn’t want to hurt you, or because she likes you. 

A set of gestures shows that he feels connected to you. For example, if he is smiling, has his head tilted to the side and at the same time is holding or touching his face, it could mean that he is doing it like you. However, always believe what he says about any signal you receive. 

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Crossed arms and legs can mean he is trying to stay close towards you. It could mean that he is anxious or resistant to your feelings.

Don’t assume too much. 

Once you’ve thought about how he feels and assessed his body language, you shouldn’t think too much about his feelings for you. The truth is, you can’t be sure how he feels. And you won’t know it until you ask him how he is feeling. And believe what it says about the other signals you feel like you are receiving. 

Don’t feel guilty for what you think he feels or thinks. It won’t help you stay confident, and it probably isn’t right, either. 

Think about whether you can go out with them. 

Do you know if he has the right to date someone? Some people may be interested in dating, but they have parents who are strict about dating rules. If you know he’s not allowed out, you might want to acknowledge that fact in the conversation. 

In that case, you might not need to tell him that you have a crush on him. You can just admit that he is not allowed to date, someone. Whenever your crush wants to know about your crush, there is something serious that he or she might be thinking about you.

Answer honestly 

Ask if you can talk somewhere. If you feel like he wants to know how you are feeling, you can have this conversation in a quiet place. Consider going to a place where you can talk without interruption. To have this conversation in a space where you feel comfortable talking openly about how you are feeling. 

This can be a great opportunity to show him how cool you are, no matter why he asks you to. If you can tell him how you feel and stay calm, and collected, he will respect you even more. 

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When you’ve had a minute and it’s all right, you can recognize how you’re feeling and be confident. Tell him that you love him in a way that has no other implications. Free of involvement means you aren’t communicating a different message through body language or tone. 

For example, don’t look at that person very harshly in a way that asks them to reciprocate. Or don’t lean forward in their space unless you know they love you. 

You might ask him how he feels before you say anything. However, he is more attractive and confident if you first understand how you are feeling and speak.

Ask them how they are feeling.  

He asked you about your crush on him, and you can ask him why he wants to know. Just ask “why are you asking? Don’t assume you know why he’s asking. 

Again, keep your tone and body language free of implications. Don’t suggest that you know why he is asking in a flirtatious or accusatory tone. 

Concentrate completely on what he’s saying. Show interest, nod, smile, and communicate what you understand through body language and noise. Try not to interrupt it. Let him speak. You can ask for clarification later. 

Respond with honesty and kindness. 

If he likes you, you can tell him “I’m in love with you!” If he doesn’t like you, you can honestly tell him, “I’m sad you don’t love me, but I appreciate you telling me. 

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You can also thank him for having the courage to strike up a conversation. 

If he doesn’t love you, don’t blame him for not loving you. Even if you honestly think he should like you, it’s not up to you to tell him or make him feel that way.

Discuss about the way you feel. 

If he doesn’t feel the same way, you can ask him if he still wants to be friends. If you don’t think you can be friends, ask if you can have some space. If he likes you, ask him if he’d like to start dating you. 

Try not to assume what will happen between the two of you if he says he has a crush on you too. Instead, communicate with him what he thinks about dating. 

If you want to start dating someone, ask them what it means to them and explain what it means to you. You want to make sure you are talking about the same thing. You can also discuss your expectations for the relationship and ask him questions about it. It can be a complete conversation in itself, which you return to periodically. 

Follow him later in the conversation. 

Since this can be an awkward conversation, you may want to avoid talking about it. However, accept the awkwardness and be confident. If you’re still friends but he doesn’t like you, you can just tell him, “Thanks for having this conversation with me, I appreciate it.” 

You can also continue with a text message, but be brief. Try to change his mind, accept the conversation and move on.

What Should You Do When Your Crush Wants To Know About Your Crush?
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