What To Do In The First Meeting With Your Crush?

Are you meeting your crush for the first time? So wanting to know how to talk to crush for first time? It can be tricky to identify what to do and what not to do in the first meeting of yours with your dear crush.

When admiring your loved one from afar, talking to them for the first time can be overwhelming and even frightening. But with a bit of courage, a little self-confidence, and a few good ice cream picks in your pocket, you can have a fun conversation that might even lead to something more.

What To Do In The First Meeting With Your Crush
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Get closer to your loved one in person.

Quickly check your hair and clothing before approaching them. Before coming, brush your clothes, check your teeth and discreetly straighten your hair. Also, that there is nothing inappropriate about your appearance. Taking that extra moment can help you come together and feel more confident before you approach them.

Bring a friend to support you with, especially if they know the person you love.

If you’re still too afraid to approach the person you love, ask a friend to come with you. It works mainly if your friend already knows your crush. They can help you start a conversation and facilitate all embarrassing moments.

Start walking towards the person you love as soon as you see them.

Your first reaction is probably excitement and anxiety when you see your crush! Don’t give yourself time to panic.

Try to give yourself 3 seconds to talk to your crush.

Hesitation gives you time to start worrying and guessing. Going straight to them will help you feel more confident!

Introduce yourself and say hello casually. You love, smile, and say hello when you meet the person! If you have never officially met before, tell them your name. Relax and speak normally – remember this is just another conversation.

You can jump right in with an intelligent question or comment if you want to start a more casual conversation. Getting started anyway feels more natural to you and the situation.

Have a face-to-face conversation

 Ask them a question or comment about something around you. The best ice pick is the one that feels most natural to you right now. If you know something about your crush, try asking him a question about a lesson or something he’s good at. If you’ve just gotten to know them, start by commenting on something going on around you.

To start a conversation in a relaxed way, start your question with “I heard …”, for example, “So, I heard that you are on the basketball team. How are you doing this year?

If you start with a comment, make a point about something around you. You can complain lightly about the food or drink from the canteen to the bar or point out decorations at a ball or in a hallway.

Talking about something you have in common, such as a lesson or an interest, is a great way to start a conversation. Say something like, “Have you ever started the history test?” Or “Have you heard of that new superhero movie?”

Try to start with a meaningful compliment.

Starting a conversation with a compliment is fine if you choose the correct form of flattery. Avoid comments about their appearance, which can seem like a cheap flirtation. Instead, give a compliment to something they’ve done recently or something that you really admire about them.

For example, you might compliment them on a recent result by saying, “I heard you did very well on your last algebra test. Great! How long did you have to study? “

If you know, they have a particular talent or hobby, comment on them to show you care. Say, for example, “Is it true that you play the drums?” That’s great. “

 To keep things casual, lightly tease your loved ones while complimenting them. For example, you might smile and say,” I heard you’re a big football star, huh? “

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Read the rest of the conversation with lots of questions.

It makes your crush easier – all they have to do is talk about it. themselves – and show them that you care about their life

 Continue talking about the first topic you raised. If you run out of the conservation to talk about on this topic, move on to something easy, like “What are you doing this weekend?”

Smile at them and laugh so the situation becomes pleasant.

 It’s okay to be nervous when talking to the person you love. Besides making you feel better, your kindness will also help the person you love to relax and make them feel better about you.

Take the edge off your nerves by listening to what the person you love is talking about and offering new questions to ask.

If your hands are shaking or shaking, put them in your pocket or get a book or bag to hold.

Listen to your favorite responses to decide on your next move.

If the person you love answers, asks questions, and smiles, keep talking – you’re having a good conversation! If he answers a single word, looks away, crosses his arms, or walks away, he’s probably not interested.

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Plan to meet again if that feels natural to you.

If the communication is going well, you can try to make plans to see the person you love again. It will be more natural to tell the person you love about a specific event or project.

For example, talking about next exam, you might say, “Would you like to meet with us to study for this?

If you were discussing about an event, like a concert or a sports match, you might say,” My friends and I have an extra ticket for that if you want to go!

It doesn’t matter if making plans seems too sudden. Now that you’ve had a great conversation, you can talk to them again and start building a friendship, and maybe more.

Say you’ll see them if you don’t want to make plans.

If you want the interaction to be relaxed, say something simple like “Well, I’ll see you around then” or “See you later! “Smile at him one last time before leaving to show him that you enjoyed talking to him.

If you find it embarrassing to leave without apologizing, say something like, “Well, I better go back to my friends, but it was nice to talk to you” or “I should go to class, but I’ll see you. are around! “

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