What To Do When Your Crush Likes Your Best Friend?

We know it can be a problem for you what to do when your crush likes your best friend or what to do if your best friend likes your crush. You’ve been keeping tabs on this cute girl in your class for a while, and then your worst nightmare comes true!

Woman in Pink Crew Neck T-shirt Sitting Between Two Guys
Woman in Pink Crew Neck T-shirt Sitting Between Two Guys

Find out that he doesn’t like you. And to make matters worse, he loves your best friend. First of all, before you panic in this situation consider some things

1) It’s not the end of the world

2) You are not the first girl to accidentally enter this tragic love triangle.

What to do when your crush likes your best friend

At the end of the day, we know exactly how you feel and we want to help you get through it. So here are some tips to tackle the situation when your crush likes your best friend.

Accept their feelings

First, you have to accept that your crush doesn’t like you. And you probably can’t change that. So instead of hitting yourself up or asking yourself dozens of questions that you never get answered, understand that the feelings of your crush aren’t personal. It is worth trying but it is also said easily that doing.

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Be honest with both

Honesty is a better option in what to do if your crush likes your best friend. Since this is such a difficult situation, you’ll want to communicate your feelings early on (and before they get worse!) To your sweetheart and your best friend. Whether you are angry, jealous, or hurt, say what you feel and say it quickly. It will be much easier to deal with this embarrassing scenario if everyone is on the same page. Moreover, it is a fantastic remedy for what do you do when your crush likes your best friend.

Set the limits

Don’t expect to sweep it all away right away. And dig deeper into what do you do if your crush likes your best friend. Chances are, it’s really hard to see your crush admiring someone so close to you. The two might even start dating. Whatever they decide, take things at your own pace, and don’t forget to communicate how you feel. If you don’t feel like having coffee with them right away, great! The dynamics have changed and it will take some time to adjust.

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Invest time in yourself

If you really want to surpass your best friend and know what to do when your crush likes your best friend, then you must invest time in yourself. Whether you’re reading the latest bestseller or watching a new show, find an activity that gives you some time alone. you, the less you focus on them and the better you feel.

Surround yourself with your team

Keep in mind that there is no good reason to exclude yourself!

Once you’ve had plenty of time to think things over, go out and plan a fun day out with your favorite friends. By swapping masks or visiting your favorite museums, you will forget any grief or, at the very least, learn to laugh at it.

Avoid ignoring your feelings or their feelings

Avoiding feelings at the expense of honesty and health is not a good thing. So what can do if your crush likes your best friend? While it might not be easy, you can take some time to think about how you have a crush on each other and how that might impact your friendship. And you might even take the time to consider your friend’s perspective and feelings.

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If you’re feeling jealous, try to talk about it

Jealousy is rooted in fear, so if you feel this green-eyed monster sneaking around, check yourself. Are you afraid of losing your crush? Your friend? Is there a historical reason why you are jealous (and fearful)? Jealousy tends to make people run wild, so protect yourself against it. “

Sometimes the best thing you can do is start this conversation.” You can call up your jealousy and tell your friend that you are feeling weird and jealous – or you can ask your friend what is going on. think. This gets the ball rolling

Be positive and make the situation normal for everyone around you

Sometimes two friends are vying for the same job, promotion, or career time and only one gets it. It’s not a bad thing to lose a friend if there’s a good reason, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Friendships – and all relationships – must be strong enough to withstand today’s challenges.

Overall, try to be a good athlete

Deciding that neither of you nor just one of you should pursue a crush isn’t always the solution.

Dating is a competitive thing and if you don’t agree with this fact you are making a joke to yourself. Some win, some lose, and so it is. that life is. Remember to treat yourself to someone you both cook for with respect: their feelings should not be treated as a prize to be won but rather make them feel special not like a race or any competition.

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But if the mutual crush is a big deal, it might also be a good time to honestly reassess your friendship

While this situation can further strengthen a friendship, in some cases you may want to re-evaluate the structure and strength of the friendship.

“If a romance with someone your friend loves means the end of the friendship, then that friendship didn’t have much courage, to begin with. If your friendship with someone can’t survive a romance that deviates towards one of you and not the other, so take advantage of this moment to recognize the weakness of friendship.


Maybe you’ve been keeping tabs on this person for a while, but haven’t found the courage to invite them out, and now it seems like it’s too late because you’ve noticed that rather, she likes your friend. She was in your class and you were going to talk to her soon, but now she’s talking to him instead.

It might seem like a bad dream, but it’s a common thing, especially if your friend is a little less shy than you, she may have arrived earlier. However, it’s important to remember first that she’s not the only girl you’d like, and you need to think about how important your friendship with this person is before you provoke a scene.

If you find that this guy doesn’t like you and loves your friend instead, it might be hard to swallow, but you’re not the only person who’s been in this situation before.

There are things you can do about it, but remember to always consider your friendship before making rash decisions that you might regret later.

That was all about what you should if your best friend likes your crush, and to learn more, keep connected.

What To Do When Your Crush Likes Your Best Friend?
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