Why Does My Crush Keep Looking At Me?

No matter the discovery, he knows it now. Well! do you want to know that why does my crush keep looking at me? What if he keeps staring at you over and over without saying any word or making a move? While this is the most irritating thing a man can do after finding out he loves you, it is most common. Here’s what you should do if your crush knows you love them and keeps looking at you. 

But first!

Let’s talk first about what he might mean when he looks at you:  

He watches you 

Some guys don’t notice a girl until they find out that ‘she is interested. It could be him who checks and decides whether he has feelings or not. 

Smile at him 

If someone knows you love them and keeps looking at you, don’t just look awkwardly at them. 

You smile!! Smiling at the person you love is a perfect way to let them know that you are friendly and helpful. Many men are intimidated and quite shy when they find out that a girl is interested in them. This makes them nervous, and they may not know how to handle the situation. So go ahead and smile. They will take it as a good and positive sign from you. 


Please don’t leave him alone with a smile. He may mistake it for your cuteness or even not realize that you are smiling at him. So send her a smile and a hello. It shows that you not only recognize it but that you are taking the first step to initiate some contact.

The next move is up to him.

He feels embarrassed. He might be a shy guy, and he feels uncomfortable with himself. He can watch you see if you watch him or not. If you are, he can change his stance/stance to look better.

Often when someone finds you like them and keeps looking at you, the feeling is mutual. 

Talk to his friends  

If you want to know what a guy thinks of you or even why he keeps looking at you when he knows he loves you, ask his friends. I’m like the keeper of all boys’ secrets! Just start by chatting with one of his friends and casually say that your crush continues to stare at you, and you want to know why. They might reveal what is going on in his head, and it will no longer be a mystery to you! 

Measuring Your Body Language  

Body language reveals more than you realize. If you want to judge what he’s thinking, watch him for a while, but don’t be scared about it. First, if he looks at you after finding out that you love him, he must be thinking about you somehow.

Is his body facing you? Does he keep staring at you even when you notice him looking at you? These are all signs that it could be caught by you too. 

Talk to him 

All that is wonderful in this world talk to him! He is staring at you so much may mean that he is just trying to get your attention. He may also be too shy to take the first step even if he likes you.

Or maybe he doesn’t know you enough to have these feelings and cares for you because perhaps he wants to see if he loves you too. You won’t find out by sitting down and watching him staring at you across the room anyway. 

Guys are sometimes tough to read. If you don’t understand why he’s looking at you, try these tips.

Signs your crush likes you back.

Here are a few signs that your crush likes you back.

Your crush is nervous when they see you. 

Sometimes being with someone you love can make you behave in strange ways: Suddenly, the words don’t come out right, your brain doesn’t seem to be working, and you run into yourself. 

If your crush seems as nervous with you as you are with him, it could mean that he loves you and wants to impress you. Often, we’re so worried about people we have a crush on that we’re too focused on ourselves to pay attention to our crush’s behavior or body language as well. 

The next time you are close to the person you love, take a deep breath and try to observe how they act around you instead of tormenting you with the way you work around them. 

Your crush makes excuses to touch you. 

Your crush may touch your arm while telling a story or “accidentally” bump into you while looking for something nearby. While these cases can undoubtedly be innocent, they could also signify that your crush is crushing you right behind you. 

If your crush still seems to find a way to initiate contact, you might want to try doing the same. The next time you tell a funny story, hug him and see how he reacts. These subtle clues can be surprisingly powerful!

Friends of your crush act weird with you  

If your crush tells their friends about you (which, let’s face it, is pretty much guaranteed), they might start acting a little weird when they see you, laughing or whispering back and forth to each other. They may even ask you point blank what you think of your crush! 

Comments like “Why do not you sit next to so-and-so?” or “I’ll leave you alone” (often accompanied by a knowing look or a chuckle) might indicate that the person you love has said something about the crush on you. 

The person you love makes excuses to call or text. 

The person you love often calls or sends messages with non-urgent questions or comments.

If your crush stays on the phone or continues your text message conversation longer than it takes to answer the question, you are in gold!

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