Why Does Your Crush Glance At But Does Not Talk To You?

A person said we stare at each other but never talk. What can be the reason behind such eye contact then not talking to each other?

Why does my crush glance at me but doesn’t talk to me? Is the same problem currently arousing your inner feelings to learn what it can mean in essence?

A girl is glancing at crush but not talking
A vivacious lady peers at her crush

Crushing for someone is exhilarating. You may sometimes be saying that my crush is confusing me and taking my mental peace away. That is if the feeling is mutual. Otherwise, things can get very confusing very quickly. How often have we had to listen to a friend keep talking about the boy or girl they loved, trying to figure out if that person liked them? Newsflash: If you have to question this, chances are you’re probably not interested in it.

Do not forget: there are a lot of fish in the sea. If you do not have this crush on you, go on to the next one! And if you’re still not sure if someone likes you or not, just ask.

Sometimes it is better to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Reasons your crush do not talk to you

You have a bad image in front of your crush

It is possible that your crush has not seen your good side. In most cases, it happens that people judge each other wrong and make an assumption by themselves in their head and start ignoring each other without any kind of genuine reason. 

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Maybe your crush has seen you doing something they don’t like. It is a fact that perhaps they have judged you wholly wrong, and you are not that type of person they think. Hence, the solution to this is to make your crush clear what type of person you are, and this can be done by serial communication to clear all your misunderstandings or doubts you both have in each other’s heads.

You have ignored them first

It is also possible that you might have ignored them in any situation. Now you will be thinking if I have not done this intentionally, but the question arises how will your crush know your problem until you will inform them face to face. 

So it is better that you walk to them by yourself and tell them the situation or if you have done this by mistake, then apologize to them. People also make this apology a matter of ego but trust me, don’t get this ego thing in your relationship. Always try to be calm and smooth in every kind of matter with your crush if you genuinely love them; otherwise, don’t waste the time of your both and don’t play with each other’s feelings. 

Maybe they are shy

Yes, most people indeed end up being shy and unconfident. They just let the person they love go because they don’t exactly have enough courage and confidence to talk with their crush. So don’t ever let this thing come in between you both. Always communicate and solve the following problem with each other. 

How to talk to them when they don’t respond to you

Find the main reason they hate you through a friend

Find a mutual friend to understand better why the person you love might hate you. Sometimes he doesn’t hate you, and your perception is wrong. 

Resolve any misunderstanding

The person you love may hate you because of a misunderstanding. Clarifying that can bring you closer. Let’s say you heard from your friend that the person you love saw you in their open locker, and that’s why they hate you. You could approach the person you love and try to clarify things. 

For example, you can say, “Hey, I think you might not like this because you think I stole something from your locker.”

You might say, “I fully understand why you might think this is a strange thing to see.” If I were at your place, I probably would think so too. “

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Try some easy conversation starters

If you don’t exactly know what to say when you get closer to the one you love, try a few simple phrases that can spark any conversation. They don’t need to be specially billed or personalized for the person you love. Just break the ice. 

You might say, “So what are you doing this weekend? or “Have you been doing something fun lately?” 

Pick a good time to speak

Find a good time to get closer to the person you love when neither of you is busy. By catching it at the right time, they are more likely to be receptive to the conversation. Make sure you pick a time when they’re not busy working on something or engaged in a conversation with someone else. 

If you see the person, you like sitting on a bench, and you might say, “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” 

Smile Is Panacea

A smile makes you happy and open. To attract the person you love more, show them a smile to let them know you feel friendly. Imagine the person you like as an old friend to feel more comfortable if intimidated.

Chat about mutual friends

 If you and your loved one have mutual friends, they can be a great talking point. Try including your mutual friends in a group or just chat about how you met someone you both are close to. You might discover new things in common. 

You might say, “I met Damien in cross country because we both love to run. I think you are also friends with Damien. How did you meet each other? or “Sarah and I met at a Poetry Slam. I think I saw you hanging out together. How do you know each other?

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Rely on everyday activities

You and your loved one may already have specific activities in common, such as playing sports or going to school. To make the conversation easier, try Experiments at 

For example, you could say, “I thought the school assembly was entertaining on Tuesday. What do you think? “Or” Did you see the school football game on Friday night? It was very close.”

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