Why Don’t You Have A Crush On Someone?

Is it normal to not have a crush on someone? Does everyone have a crush?

There are very rare cases of such happenings when anyone might have never formed any crush. In most cases, every human sometimes has a crush, at least one time in life.

Thoughtful woman for not having a crush on someone
Thoughtful woman for not having a crush on someone

This incredible feeling deserves all the credit it gets for making people dizzy, blessing them with thinking for life, and leaving them with starry eyes and tender hearts. Yes, it’s the almighty crush that turns people into the sweetest selves, because let’s face it: when you have a passion, all logic falls apart when it comes to anyone special.

For example, other people need to tell you how to behave with the person you love because social skills instantly clear the place when you are crushed. Tips like “Get into DMs” or “Let your crush know you have feelings” come from all directions. It’s like everyone automatically assumes you’re going to act on your crush.

And hey, why can’t you? There’s no point in being so impressed with someone and not at least seeing if something more can develop between you and your crush.

As illogical as it may seem (and despite your friends thinking you’ve lost it completely), there are actually some pretty legitimate reasons not to act on your crush that don’t involve a debilitating fear of rejection.

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Reasons for not approaching your crush

1. Your crush has been taken.

Not much can quell the intensity of someone’s crush, but realizing that the person you are longing for is already involved with someone else can definitely end things.

If the wishes of your life are attached to some other person, it is a perfectly legitimate excuse not to act according to your feelings. The only exception is if your crush is in an open relationship, and that’s something the two of you can handle. If so, congratulations, proceed accordingly, and enjoy.

2. Because you don’t want to spoil the image.

So it looks totally superficial, but hey, it’s a crush too! Why spoil those living ideals of how incredible and perfect this person is by finding out that they’re not up to the task.

Anyway, we won’t test whether it is better to fantasize than to face reality. Go ahead and keep those hot relationships with your crush confined to your daydreams.

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 3. You already know that your crush is not essential to your relationship.

Your crush is literally the hottest thing on the planet, but you’ve seen how they behave when they’re a couple. Because avoiding someone who is an IRL train wreck is high on your loving priority list, absolutely no one can point you out for delaying the person giving you heart emojis now.

Still, it will probably (definitely) leave you behind. Heartbroken if you make it. Find it together.

4. Because your crush loves someone else.

Ugh, that’s one of the coarsest hands a heart can have. Yes, we are showing the unfortunate situation where someone for whom you have been crushed simultaneously crushes on someone else.

But in the spirit of staying positive, here’s a friendly reminder that emotions can be fleeting, so maybe that ~ thing ~ that your head has for someone other than you will pass and leave you with the option. To act on your feelings in the future (hopefully sooner or later).

 5. You don’t want to ruin the friendship.

After thinking for a long time that your crush on your friend is worth acting on, you are very inclined to refuse. Maybe risking the spiritual bond you share for a romance that may or may not stand the test of time makes you extremely nervous, and it’s true.

If you can live with the situation of wondering what could have been, then take a break to try and take the bond to the next level and focus more on the advantages of not crossing that line with a friend, although you really like it. . .

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 6. You work together.

If we do not have strict rules for asking to go out with a colleague, we cannot deny the fact that going from a crush to a couple with a colleague requires caution. The direction of the disaster (eek!), the consequences can include losing your job, being very uncomfortable at work, creating office drama that could spoil your professional performance.

Ultimately, the thing to act on your crush is complete up to you (and the relentless. The heart indeed desires what the heart wants, no matter what the situation of life. But if the negatives overcome the positives, you really want to avoid hurting feelings, or your gut feeling is just telling you not to act, so putting someone in a permanent state of crush is probably the right thing to do.

7. Embarrassing for both of us

 It’s normal for the person you love to know how you feel about them, to feel embarrassed. Why? Why do you keep watching it! Do not lie! And that also feels embarrassing for you, too, because you know they know what you are thinking (which is pretty apparent if you stare at someone most of the day). It gets worse when the person re to respond to your feelings.

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 8. You want to be where this person is

You start to go where they go, whether it’s at work, the gym, or the mall. You don’t hesitate to make an effort to travel or take a break from work just to see this person. Sometimes you even sacrifice hours of sleep or an important date with a friend, just to show your eyes on their cute smile.

9. You end up being a stalker, almost

You follow the person you love everywhere in real life and even on social media sites (read Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and keep checking their photos, status, and publications. Most of the time, you find yourself doing this a dozen times a day and feeling jealous of every girl/boy he interacts with.

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 10. You become hyperconscious

Did you observe that when your crush is near you, you become too conscious? Try to behave calmly and pretend you haven’t noticed. But most of the time, you fail to do so and act silly.

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